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For the last 50 years, Nevada’s popularity has surrounded Las Vegas and Reno, but it wasn’t always that method. Prior to gaining statehood, Nevada was a recognized mining state. Of those towns and cities constructed for silver digging, couple of made it through — while more than 150 years later, others flourish.

Beyond the mining towns, lots of others emerged for a variety of reasons, leaving Nevada with a lot of towns that can all provide something different to see or do. Today, these towns are expanded across the country’s 7th largest state, and the majority of are worth the journey. However, there are a lot of towns in Nevada, so here are 10 to take a look at.


As the biggest city and county seat for White Pine in central Nevada, the town with a population of 4,000 is happy to have travelers. Ely is conveniently situated near the Great Basin National forest, Lehman Caves and Stella Lake about 240 miles north of Las Vegas. Oh, and you can hunt and fish and see museums, too, such as the Northern Nevada Train Yard and East Ely Depot Museum.

Virginia City

This town, closer to Reno in Storey County, was an arts and culture center back in its day, and is one of the best “Old West” towns in Northern Nevada. Examine it out in September for the yearly camel and ostrich races, all year round for the town’s several parades, or stop in for a ghost trip. If you go, ensure to come by the candy shop or the Mustang Cattle ranch Steakhouse for a bite.

Incline Town

Searching for a retreat however cannot pay for to leave the country or state? Slope Town is a resort town on the edge of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side. If you have actually been implying to obtain up (or down) there, this is the location to do it. The town provides mountain cycling and snowboarding for the outdoors-type as well as video gaming for those who simply don’t wish to deal with Vegas.


In the northeast area of the state, this town with a population of over 18,000 is one of Nevada’s a lot of historical, with the town being very first incorporated in 1917, but settled in 1868. This is another to check out for the Old West experience, however likewise drop in for one of their many occasions. Elko hosts the Yearly Basque Festival, a county fair, the National Cowboy Poetry Event, the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival, to name a few.


If you want to stay at a hotel that opened more than 100 years earlier, you can do that at this town north of Las Vegas on the 95. With two museums outlining main Nevada’s history, “few places inform the story of Nevada’s mining past much better.” The town is also one of the best locations for stargazing in the country, which is saying something if you’re seeing from the virtually-starless Las Vegas Valley. Have a look at the historic Mizpah Hotel (which is stated to be haunted) or the creepier Clown Motel.

Stone City

All the town beauty simply a couple of miles away from the city of Las Vegas and steps from the Hoover Dam. The historic downtown of Boulder City is home to antique shops, a distinct diner, an ice cream store and more. This town on your escape of Nevada is your finest opportunity of identifying Desert Bighorn sheep in the Silver State, as they live naturally around Lake Mead.


While Rachel just has a population of simply over 50, it is among the most famous towns in Nevada. (Believe “X-Files” and “Self-reliance Day”— getting the picture?) The town is the closest you’re getting to Location 51, and individuals there welcome UFO enthusiasts or the curious just coming by. Check out the Little A’Le’Inn and take a day for the Area 51 Adventure Trip to genuinely satisfy your extraterrestrial needs.


Goldfield, not too far northwest of Las Vegas in Esmeralda County, is one of the few semi-abandoned ghost towns worth making an overnight trip. The town has an intriguing history beginning with a gold discovery, growing to be the biggest town in the state, hosting a light-weight boxing championand is now the home of one of the most “haunted” locations in Nevada — the Goldfield Hotel.


Closer to the eastern border of Nevada in Lincoln County, Pioche is home to about 1,000 residents and a wickedly harsh history full of outlaws and gunfights. The town now is surrounded by lavish landscape perfect for fishing and hunting, along with the “Million Dollar Courthouse” and the Pioche-Historic Mining Center, the place where the town began. Do not forget to take some side streets on your way and see a few of the odd things spread out across the Nevada desert.

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