Accidental zoo holds out hope it can continue to be open


Mikayla Whitmore

Kids reach to animal a South American coati at Roos-N-More in Moapa. The nonprofit company is not technically a zoo however does have hundreds of animals.

Monday, Aug. 31, 2015|2 a.m.

. When vets Valerie and Jay Holt relocated 2006 to a rural neighborhood in Moapa with a pack of 15 kangaroos and wallabies, they had no objective of beginning a zoo.

However after including lemurs, a display lizard, an alligator, snakes, birds and other unique species to a menagerie that grew to more than 200 animals, that’s precisely what they ended up with. In 2009, they started hosting tours at what they dubbed Roos-N-More Zoo.

Despite the name, the “zoo” isn’t really certified by any zoological association and their property isn’t zoned to house exotic animals. A U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection in April discovered the center did not have correct fencing, had unhygienic enclosures and had an infestation of flies.

Now, the Holts are trying to bring their destination into compliance. They are seeking usage authorizations for a leisure center and to have unique animals on the property. Clark County authorities have differed with indications, landscaping and trash enclosures on the land, however the most significant sticking point is the number of animals allowed.

“I inform individuals I don’t require Alcoholics Anonymous, I need Animals Confidential,” stated Valerie Holt, who dreamed of ending up being a zookeeper before becoming a veterinarian.

The increase of animals and visitors into the quiet location has actually divided the community. Some saw the center as a benefit to Moapa. However a minimum of one next-door neighbor vehemently opposed it.

“The quiet was gone, changed by flies and the screeching of unidentified animals on the other side of the wall,” Linda Dey said. “We do not want to live beside a zoo.”

Enhanced business activity at the home, which is zoned as residential, drew examination from inspectors from Clark County and the Southern Nevada Health District. They shut down Roos-N-More in January 2014. Ever since, the Holts have hosted a handful of private trips, however Valerie said they’re going broke aiming to stay afloat. The Holts depended on entryway fees and charity events to feed and take care of the animals.

The couple has actually invested hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to improve the home, however the Clark County Commission denied an use permit just recently, meaning the Holts will have to eliminate all their unique animals within six months or face fines.

“It feels like needing to put your youngsters up for adoption,” Valerie Holt stated.

In spite of its troubles, Roos-N-More is cherished by lots of in Las Vegas. Numerous supporters have participated in charity events and conducted instructional events with animals at local schools.

And there’s still a sliver of hope that Roos-N-More will certainly be saved. Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow recently asked for that the board reevaluate the application on Sept 2.

“I don’t think we rather got our arms around exactly what the issues were,” Scow stated.

Scow and several other commissioners stated that if Roos-N-More were allowed to reopen, the Holts would need to minimize its impact on neighbors. Commissioner Steve Sisolak said he ‘d likewise want to restrict the variety of animals that might be continued the home and restrict animal breeding.

“Someone has actually got to get a handle on exactly what’s allowed there,” he said. “How far do you opt for this?”

The Holts just recently worked with a lawyer, the very same attorney who was able to keep the Lion Environment Ranch in Henderson open this year after it dealt with similar concerns with regulatory authorities.

Scow said she wished for a compromise to give Roos-N-More one last chance.

“I would expect when they return, they’ll be really prepared,” she said. “If their authorization ever lapsed once more, I would not think about renewing it.”

— Megan Messerly added to this story.

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