Art gone Vegas: The Neon Museum strikes the Strip and Cirque’s artists display at Neonopolis


The Red Barn indication– from one of Las Vegas’ very first gay bars– will be the first Neon Museum piece to go to the Fashion Show mall.

Wednesday, Might 17, 2017|2 a.m.

Intriguing Vegas art happenings are on the way.

At some point in June, the Neon Museum and the Style Show mall will partner to develop the very first satellite space on the Strip for the museum’s historic neon art. The Style Show’s Strip-side plaza will be the house of the Red Barn sign, a charming martini marquee from the antique shop that opened on Tropicana Avenue in the late 1950s and converted into a bar in the early 1960s. Prior to 1970 occurred, the Red Barn had turned into one of Las Vegas’ first gay bars, house of the RB Follies program and head office for the publishing of the RB Rag, one of the earliest gay publications in Southern Nevada. It closed in 1988.

After numerous months, the Red Barn sign will rejoin the Neon Museum’s collection and a various setup will take its place.

“For decades, the Las Vegas Strip earned prestige for taking down and removing historic buildings and the neon signs associated with them,” said Rob McCoy, president and president of the Neon Museum, in the announcement. “With this effort, Fashion Program takes an action toward reversing that pattern by reintroducing renowned and historic neon signs to the Strip, where it can be delighted in by 10s of millions of visitors.”

Odds are those visitors will likewise be inclined to visit the downtown museum, too.

“This display screen is just the start,” stated Jim Heilmann, senior general supervisor at Fashion Program. “Our concierge team will work with the museum to supply special incentives for our shoppers to go to the world-famous Neon Museum Boneyard. Throughout the year, we will host events and offer fundraising chances to enhance our shared mission of spreading out appeal and culture.”

So there you have it: Downtown art sliding to the Strip. And after that there’s the reverse result, when Strip art moves downtown: On June 1, Cirque du Soleil’s 12th annual art exhibit, The Collective, will start its month-long screen at the Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas Art Museum, located inside Neonopolis on Fremont Street.

The Collective is a collection of artwork produced by Cirque’s performers, specialists and staff– another creative outlet for the ultra-creative– and for the first time in the program’s history, each taking part staff member was able to send approximately 3 works instead of one.

“Homeowners will have the chance to get to know their next-door neighbors as we reveal another side of our workers through their artwork,” said Lou D’Angeli, vice president of marketing for Cirque du Soleil. “In hosting The Cumulative each year, we are able to shine the spotlight on their unique skills, creating an even higher connection between us and the neighborhood.”

The exhibition will likewise show Cirque-owned art pieces and props and outfits from various Strip productions. There will be a $5 entryway charge at the gallery.

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