Authorities say female found getting high on canned air at Walmart


A woman is facing charges for getting high at a Johnson County Walmart.

Melissa Ann Wright is implicated of huffing a commercial strength duster chemical that’s usually utilized to clean computer systems. Someone said they saw the female huffing a can of Ultra Duster about 11 p.m. Wednesday inside the Walmart near East Santa Fe Street and South Black Bob Road. The individual called 911.

The spray is expected to be utilized as a cleaner. The bottle alerts that inhaling it can be dangerous and even trigger death.

“As soon as it goes into the system it triggers the heart to become very conscious things like adrenaline,” said Tama Sawyer, the handling director of the University of Kansas Toxin Control Center. “So if you are frightened, you can have a heart attack.”

Police called an ambulance, however said Wright refused medical attention.

“It can cause you to lose consciousness relatively quickly because it removes the oxygen in your lungs,” Sawyer stated. One of the most typical injuries from huffing is immediate frostbite.

“They trigger frostbite on contact. So you would have frostbite of the lips, throat, mouth as well as further down,” Sawyer said. Since of those threats and the reality it can cause a liver or kidney to close down. The makers of the product included a bitter taste to dissuade abuse.

University of Kansas Healthcare facility stated huffing calls are unusual and police concur. They say it’s quite uncommon to charge anybody with abusing poisonous vapors. Medical professionals say other drugs have become significantly more popular.

Professionals say someone might utilize compressed air to get high not due to the fact that they’re addicted to the chemical within, but instead are addicted to the method it makes them feel. They state it can be much like a drunk-intoxicated kind of sensation.

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