Backed-up sewage systems leave 51s in fairly a stink

It was 51s Back-to-School Tin Lunchbox and Mouse Pad Night at Cashman Field on Saturday night.

It ought to have been Maximum Strength Drano and That Snake Thing That Plumbers Use to Unclog a Toilet Night.

An odor originating from field level wasn’t the smell of the 51s falling out of first place on the home stand that ended Saturday night (they have actually because won two straight to retake the leading area, though the El Paso Chihuahuas still are nipping at their heels).

It was the scent of sewers backing up near both dugouts.

Team officials said it was much worse on the 51s’ side. They validated it had nothing to with the group losing eight of 11 video games before Friday night.

Also, although the 51s have been jonesing for a brand-new ballpark for a long time now, sabotage was eliminated.

By the middle innings it got so odoriferous around the 51s dugout that chalk lines were put down in front and Las Vegas players were enabled to enjoy the rest of the video game from field level instead of tread lightly on wood pallets.

Photos were posted on social networks accounts. In one where you can see the players resting on chairs in front of the dugout, the very first row of box seats behind the Las Vegas bench is empty, except for two viewers.

They need to have been Phillies fans.

“It was bad,” said Las Vegas president Don Logan, who spent most of the night handling the nasty odor and viewing his step. Logan said the first thing he did when he got house after the video game was throw out his shoes.

He stated the toilets near the Cashman dugouts feed into one sewage system line. When the line got blocked, the commode near the 51s dugout minutes began to bubble. This had to do with 10 minutes before Mayor Carolyn Goodman was to toss out the first pitch.

Mayor Goodman and others of her ilk have actually been proposing Cashman Field be turned into a soccer stadium.

After Logan had to lead her through the stands to perform the first pitch honors due to the fact that the typical path to the field was blocked by floating particles, possibly now she, too, will certainly see the requirement for a new ballpark.

“This place is so done,” Logan stated prior to going shopping for a brand-new pair of loafers on Sunday.

It wasn’t pleasant, especially not with a big crowd of 10,961 literally turning up noses at the scent. But these things tend to happen in the minor leagues. For instance, from time to time you’ll find out about the sprinklers coming on throughout a game and disrupting play.

This was a little worse than sprinklers beginning, nevertheless.

Cashman Field does not have a tarp, however a tarpaulin wouldn’t have actually helped correct this circumstance. And if there was a tarpaulin, I question seriously whether the players would have wanted to do belly flops on it to amuse the crowd.

When the 51s were enabled to enjoy the video game from field level and fans found out why, some required to Twitter to weigh in and crack jokes.

“That’s the Mets’ AAA house. Bartolo (Colon) have to be on a rehab project down there,” posted one.

“It resembles a normal day in Oakland,” composed another.

Could Brian Schlitter have had anything to do with it? Schlitter is a pitcher for the Iowa Cubs who had a rough go with the Chicago Cubs this year. But the 51s were playing Omaha, not Iowa, which left Las Vegas after Tuesday night’s video game for Salt Lake City.

Besides, it’s spelled Schlitter. With an “L.”

Jim Gemma, the 51s’ longtime public relations male, said “it had not been an advantage” the drains back up. However the 51s won for the 2nd straight night, and El Paso lost once again. Those were both good things.

So literal stink is better than metaphorical stink, and whatever had been troubling the team appears to have been flushed out of their system.

The gamers and supervisor Wally Backman on Sunday were on their method to New Orleans, where they are utilized to sewage support up, to begin a crucial eight-game road trip.

This was one instance where the gamers probably didn’t whine about leaving Cashman Field behind. When it comes to the harmful dump in the dugout on Saturday night, they pretty much went with the flow, Jim Gemma said.

I swear those were his precise words.

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