Bellagio’s Curtis Briggs guides renowned Vegas experiences

Spend 10 minutes with Curtis Briggs and something ends up being apparent: He loves his job. As the supervisor of the water fountains at Bellagio, Briggs manages a crew of 29 guys whose task is to make sure the program goes off without a drawback, night after night.

Briggs has actually operated at the water fountains given that Bellagio’s 1998 opening– first working on the set up as a staff member of Wet Design, then acting as a maintenance engineer prior to ending up being manager. But it was his background in building and construction and putting concrete for O at Bellagio that paved the way.

“I attempted to pick something that was the hardest thing I could discover,” Briggs states. “My point of view was, if I can master the hardest thing, then the rest of life must come much easier.”

When he was lastly hired to deal with the water fountains, Briggs had some doubts, he states. However he powered through it. “I believed, ‘Am I going to have the ability to do this?’ I wasn’t sure. Nobody had actually done this before. It was a brand-new program, so everyone was going to have to learn at the very same pace, and I believed I can learn simply as quick as everyone else. So I did.”

Briggs worked as a maintenance engineer for more than a decade, diving and working on the massive water shooters embedded more than 10 feet under the lake’s surface– the ones that introduce dancing streams of water 460 feet into the air.

Now, the majority of Briggs’ task is on land, and in addition to overseeing the fountains, he and his team are tasked with building and assembling structures for the Bellagio’s conservatory.

“When it pertains to the hotel, I am extremely proud to work on the water fountains and the conservatory– two things that are complimentary to the general public,” Briggs says. “The other thing I really like is working as a group and attaining a goal like the conservatory and being able to see it when it’s ended up. The satisfaction that you receive from watching it, and the happiness it puts on individuals’s faces– for me, there’s nothing like that.”

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