Black smoke seen above Vatican; junk backyard fire to blame

(Photo: Twitter: Mountain Butorac)( Picture: Twitter: Mountain Butorac)( Photo: Twitter: Mountain Butorac ). ROME( AP )- A junkyard fire in Rome has actually spread out through ditched cars, blowing up gas tanks and sending out a thick, dark plume of smoke through the northeastern quarter of the Italian capital. There have actually been no reports of injuries.

Authorities stated they left 3 apartment in the location Thursday afternoon as the blaze rapidly spread out through cars that were stacked one on top of the other for demolition. At least 50 cars and trucks set to be scrapped were involved.

Firemens stated the blaze was contained and they were working to reduce it. The cause wasn’t instantly understood.

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The big blaze brought traffic to a grinding halt. A city official, Pinuccia Montanari, said the fire showed the threats of having demolition lawns inside the city limits.

Smoke is clearing. However does smoke settle? Large dark cloud of smoke behind me now. Most likely from the same fire?

— Mountain Butorac (@MountainButorac)

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