Cannabis dispensary says business going to pot amid opening delays


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An exterior schematic of Ecstasy Wellness, opening quickly as a medical marijuana dispensary, throughout an open house Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015|3:35 p.m.

Euphoria Wellness Medical Cannabis Dispensary
Spokesman Jim Ferrence, owner Deanne Lamb and owner Joe Lamarca of Euphoria Wellness, soon to be a medical marijuana dispensary. They hosted an open house Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014.Introduce slideshow “

Irritated by months of hold-ups, a medical marijuana dispensary is asking for internal Clark County records and threatening a lawsuit to obtain the store open.

Bliss Wellness, on Jones Boulevard near Robindale Road, passed state and county examinations in April and has been all set to open given that.

But the dispensary hasn’t had the ability to get marijuana since approved growing centers have actually been sluggish to start and have not produced a sensible batch.

Euphoria Wellness at first prepared to buy medical cannabis from cardholders currently accredited to grow their own plants till growing facilities were working.

But in a news conference today, Bliss lawyer Maggie McLetchie said the strategy has actually been derailed by the county business licensing department’s “extremely rigorous and ridiculous” analysis of state law.

“It seems designed to do nothing however slow us down,” McLetchie said of the county’s stance. “We have actually been incredibly frustrated with this procedure.”

Under state law, patients are permitted to have up to 12 cannabis plants but cannot have more than 2.5 ounces of useful marijuana.

The county has actually refused to enable Ecstasy to obtain more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana from any client, pointing out the law.

The dispensary has suggested that it ought to have the ability to acquire all 12 plants from clients– the equivalent of about 10 pounds of marijuana.

The stalemate has actually prevented Euphoria from getting any marijuana to offer and forced it to recently lay off 15 employees hired months earlier in anticipation of opening.

McLetchie also accused the county of adding conditions to Bliss’s business license that aren’t based in state law. For instance, the county is limiting the variety of pipelines and other marijuana consumption gadgets the dispensary can display.

On Tuesday, McLetchie filed a public records request seeking internal files she really hopes will shed light on whether the county has dealt with Euphoria’s application properly.

“We’re trying to get information about why there have actually been a lot of delays and exactly what basis there is for the numerous conditions that have been put on Bliss’s license,” she said.

Depending upon the content of the records, McLetchie said, additional legal action might be possible.

County spokesperson Erik Pappa said Ecstasy Wellness has been treated “fairly and in accordance with the law.”

“We’re going to supply all the public records they have actually sought. They have actually been treated fairly, and you’ll see that when you get the records,” Pappa said. “We expect them to follow state law, even if it’s troublesome to do so.”

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