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U.S. retail sales jump in November on strong vacation sales


Janet S. Carter/Daily Free Press/ AP

In this Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, file picture, store leader Shelley Merritt, center, takes a bag over to Jessica Jones as buyers benefit from Black Friday sales at Video game Stop in Kinston, N.C.

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017|8:20 a.m.

WASHINGTON– U.S. consumers went on a shopping binge last month as the holiday started, causing big gains among online retailers, electronics stores and furnishings stores.

The Commerce Department said Thursday that sales at sellers and restaurants jumped 0.8 percent in November from the previous month, after a 0.5 percent gain in October. Consumers’ willingness to splurge must offer the economy a boost in the last 3 months of the year.

A classification that primarily includes online shopping rose 2.5 percent in an indication of the continuing dominance of e-commerce. Sales jumped 2.1 percent at electronic devices shops and 1.2 percent at furnishings stores.

“A great begin to the vacation shopping season,” David Berson, primary economist at Nationwide, stated. “Customers are responding favorably to solid task gains, increasing income growth, and record levels of family net worth.”

The figures were raised by a big boost in costs at filling station, which mainly showed greater costs. However sales also increased at clothes shops, sporting products retailers, and home and garden shops.

Customers are more positive than they have actually been since 2000, according to surveys. Unemployment has fallen to a 17-year low and the economy has actually produced job gains for 86 straight months.

Those patterns are accelerating growth. The economy has expanded at a 3.2 percent yearly rate in the last 6 months, the very first time growth has topped 3 percent for two quarters considering that 2014.

Thursday’s data recommends development might reach 3 percent or much better in the 4th quarter, though fourth-quarter figures will not be readily available till January.

Auto sales slipped last month after rising in previous months as locals of Texas and Florida replaced hurricane-damaged vehicles. However car dealers were the only retailers to report a drop in sales. Dining establishments and bars said that sales grew 0.7 percent in November.

Wynn Resorts purchasing website of previous New Frontier on Strip


Steve Marcus A view of the previous New Frontier gambling establishment website Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Report: Ex-Nevada medical chief gave up in the middle of bullying complaint

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017|3:50 p.m.

RENO– A letter from Nevada’s former top doctor says he resigned in October because he was bullied by his supervisor, not since he had been tasked with establishing a lethal injection procedure for the very first execution in the state in 11 years.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports it got the letter and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services is investigating Dr. John DiMuro’s accusations that his department administrator produced a hostile workplace.

DiMuro’s lawyer in the event, David Houston, remained in court Wednesday and not available for remark.

A state Health and Human Solutions spokesperson didn’t immediately react to messages

DiMuro’s resignation as state chief medical officer came about two weeks prior to the scheduled execution of twice-convicted killer Scott Raymond Dozier was put on hold pending state Supreme Court review of a never-before-used three-drug cocktail that DiMuro established.

Ex-federal authorities, Henderson accounting professional arraigned in bribery, scams plan

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Nearly 2 years after federal detectives raided a U.S. Bureau of Recovery workplace, an accounting firm and the house of a former regional financing chief for the water management company, which supervises the Hoover Dam, two suspects have been prosecuted on corruption-related charges.

Rick Leavitt, a former regional financial management director of the company’s Lower Colorado Area, and Dustin M. Lewis, 43, an accountant at the LL Bradford & & Co. tax company, were each arraigned on one count of truthful services scams conspiracy, according to the workplace of the U.S. lawyer for the district of Nevada.

In addition, Leavitt, 46, is dealing with one charge of solicitation and receipt of an allurement by a public official, and Lewis was accuseded of solicitation and bribery of a public official, according to authorities.

Prosecutors declare that for about a year starting in February 2015, Lewis paid off and “provided kickbacks” to Leavitt in exchange for a favorable position in giving an agreement to Lewis’ firm, official said. Leavitt rested on a quote committee with the Southern California Public Power Authority and gave the company a leading score.

The suspects, both Henderson citizens, conspired in the procedure of the bid submission, while Leavitt offered Lewis with insider info.

After the firm won the agreement quote, district attorneys declare, Lewis paid Leavitt $200,000. In addition, in January 2016, Leavitt went on to work as a tax partner with the same firm.

Federal authorities initiated the procedure of criminal forfeiture against Leavitt for about $200,000, which includes a 2016 Mercedes-Benz, officials said. Lewis will supposedly need to surrender about $700,000. Both are scheduled to appear in a Las Vegas federal court on Dec. 21.

In February last year, local and federal authorities raided a reclamation workplace in Stone City, Leavitt’s Henderson house and the southwest workplaces of the tax firm, the Associated Press reported then.

The reclamation bureau manages the levels of the Hoover Dam and other Colorado River centers, which supply drinking water and power to countless people in seven U.S. states.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Trump advocate Omarosa set to leave White House


Mikayla Whitmore Previous Celeb Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault speaks with media inside the spin space at Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nev. after the third presidential dispute on Oct. 17, 2016.

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017|8:36 a.m.

WASHINGTON– The White Home states Omarosa Manigault Newman– among President Donald Trump’s most popular African-American advocates– plans to leave the administration next month.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Manigault Newman’s resignation works Jan. 20, one year considering that Trump’s inauguration.

Manigault Newman’s decision comes at the start of what’s expected to be a round of departures heading into the brand-new year.

The White Home said last week that deputy nationwide security consultant Dina Powell will leave the administration early next year.

Manigault Newman is a former contestant on Trump’s reality TELEVISION program “The Apprentice.” She joined the administration as director of interactions for the White House Workplace of Public Liaison, working on outreach to numerous constituency groups.

Why do individuals hate Obamacare, anyhow?

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017|8:59 a.m.

. The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” has roiled America because the day it was signed into law in 2010. From the start, the public was nearly equally divided between those who supported it and those who opposed it.

They still are. The November month-to-month tracking survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 50 percent of those polled had a favorable view of the health law, while 46 percent saw it unfavorably. Partisan politics drives the split. Eighty percent of Democrats were encouraging in November, while 81 percent of Republicans were strongly negative. (Kaiser Health News is an editorially independent program of the foundation.)

That assists explain why Republican politicians are working to repeal a key element of the health law in the tax costs Congress is negotiating. The requirement that a lot of Americans have health insurance or pay a tax penalty– the so-called private required– is without a doubt the most undesirable provision of the law, especially amongst Republicans.

Still, while partisanship is a major reason that some people hate the health law, it’s far from the only one. Here are four more:


Conservatives and libertarians strongly object to the federal government becoming ever more associated with the nation’s health care system. While the refrain that the ACA represented a “federal government takeover” of health care was a significant exaggeration, the law did insinuate the government considerably further in its funding and oversight of healthcare.

Adding to that was the misery with the ACA’s private mandate. Although the idea was initially suggested by Republicans in the late 1980s, the GOP had mainly backed away from it for many years (with the notable exception of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who supported that state’s health overhaul in 2006).

However conservatives are not alone in opposing the ACA on ideological premises. Numerous liberals do not like the law, either. They believe it does not go far enough towards a completely government-run system and gives too much power to personal insurance companies.

Lack of knowledge

A huge part of why people do not like the health law is that they do not comprehend exactly what it does or how it works. A few of that is since health care is complicated.

Even a few of the main arguments made by the law’s advocates are not well comprehended. For instance, the health law is accountable for some 20 million Americans acquiring medical insurance. Yet in 2016, when the uninsured rate hit an all-time low, only one-quarter of respondents to the Kaiser tracking poll knew that. A little under half thought the rate had actually remained unchanged, and 21 percent thought the rate had actually increased to an all-time high.

However some misperceptions follow intentional fabrications or exaggerations of the law’s effect. Lots of people pertained to think (incorrectly) that the law would develop “ death panels” to choose the fate of senior citizens on Medicare, which became PolitiFact’s “ Lie of the Year”in 2009. Other extravagant and false claims about the law consisted of the idea that it would require people to be microchipped, that it would develop a “personal army” for President Barack Obama which it would need health centers to fire overweight employees.

Even the derisive label “Obamacare” fed the confusion. In a now-famous act by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, people on the street revealed a strong choice for the Affordable Care Act over Obamacare– unaware that they were the very same thing.

Puzzling the health law with the remainder of the health system

Once the ACA ended up being law, essentially everything bad that occurred in health care was credited to it. This is the popular “you broke it, you purchased it” problem– the law became the scapegoat for any number of issues in the healthcare system, no matter whether they preceded its enactment.

For example, increasing costs for prescription drugs has been an issue for many years. But the ACA did not look for to resolve that, except for one arrangement that sought to facilitate generic copies of a few of the most expensive biologic medications.

Also, before the ACA, some insurance providers stopped using strategies in the specific market, while others raised premiums considerably and typically would not cover care at high-cost suppliers like teaching hospitals.

Some individuals in fact are even worse off

The ACA did produce some losers. Healthy people who managed to buy specific health insurance prior to the law’s passage have seen their premiums and out-of-pocket expenses skyrocket as insurance providers have raised costs to accommodate sicker people who had been largely shut out of protection. Among those hardest struck are individuals who earn simply somewhat too much to receive federal premium aids, particularly early senior citizens and individuals in their 50s and early 60s who are self-employed.

Many of those people would have been helped if Democrats had had the ability to pass some of their original concepts for the ACA, consisting of a “public option” plan run by the federal government, or a “Medicare buy-in” that would have given people age 55 and older the choice of buying Medicare coverage prior to the regular eligibility age of 65. Both were declined by more conservative Democrats in the Senate.

Some individuals discovered themselves in a “coverage space” after the Supreme Court in 2012 ruled that the ACA requirement for states to broaden Medicaid had to be optional. That indicated individuals with earnings under the poverty line but still expensive to get approved for Medicaid in their states have no inexpensive program available.

Others were forced to give up protection that they liked, even if it did not use lots of advantages, or were angry due to the fact that their medical professionals and medical facilities were no longer in their insurers’ networks. Obama’s guarantee that “if you like your health plan you can keep it” was PolitiFact’s” Lie of the Year”for

2013. However, even some of those customers have actually seen benefits from the law, although they may not recognize it, like needed rebates from insurers who charge too much for administrative expenses.

But it is human nature for people who feel wronged to complain loudly, while individuals who are pleased simply go on with their lives. In the end, that is why it seems a lot of more individuals hate Obamacare than actually do.

Kaiser Health News is a nonprofit news service covering health issues. It is an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Structure that is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

Doug Jones wins in sensational Alabama upset over Roy Moore


John Bazemore/ AP Democratic prospect for U.S. Senate Doug Jones speaks to press reporters after casting his tally Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, in Mountain Brook, Ala. Jones is facing Republican Roy Moore.

Published Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017|7:33 p.m.

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Brynn Anderson/ AP U.S. Senate prospect Roy Moore holds up pages with a newspaper article about himself as he speaks at a campaign rally, Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, in Midland City, Ala.

. MONTGOMERY, Ala.– In a stunning success helped by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s unique Senate election on Tuesday, beating back history, an embattled Republican challenger and President Donald Trump, who urgently backed GOP rebel Roy Moore despite a list of sexual misbehavior claims.

It was the first Democratic Senate victory in a quarter-century in Alabama, among the reddest of red states, and showed once again that celebration commitment is anything however sure in the age of Trump. It was a major shame for the president and a fresh wound for the country’s currently divided Republican politician Celebration.

The victory by Jones, a former U.S. lawyer best understood for prosecuting two Ku Klux Klansmen accountable for Birmingham’s infamous 1963 church bombing, narrows the GOP benefit in the U.S. Senate to 51-49. That endangers already-uncertain Republican tax, budget plan and health propositions and injects incredible energy into the Democratic Party’s early push to reclaim Home and Senate majorities in 2018.

Still, many Washington Republicans saw the defeat of Moore as maybe the very best outcome for the party nationally regardless of the short-term sting. The fiery Christian conservative’s positions have pushed away females, racial minorities, gays and Muslims– in addition to the multiple allegations that he was guilty of sexual misbehavior with teens, one only 14, when he remained in his 30s.

A variety of Republicans decreased to support him, consisting of Alabama’s long-serving Sen. Richard Shelby. However Trump lent his name and the national GOP’s resources to Moore’s project in recent days.

Had Moore won, the GOP would have been burdened a colleague accused of sordid conduct as Republicans nationwide struggle with Trump’s historically low popularity. Senate leaders had actually promised that Moore would have dealt with an immediate principles examination.

Jones takes over the seat previously held by Attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions. The term expires in January of 2021.

Republicans on Capitol Hill have actually expressed hopes of setting up a vote on their tax legislation prior to Jones is sworn in, however legislators are still having a hard time to create a compromise expense to bridge the divide between your house and Senate legislation that can win bulk support in both chambers.

The Republican loss likewise gives Democrats a clearer path to a Senate majority in 2018– albeit a narrow one– in an election cycle where Democrats are far more positive about taking control of your house of Representatives.

Eventually, Tuesday’s contest boiled down to which side much better inspired its advocates to vote. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said turnout likely would not go beyond 25 percent of signed up citizens.

Jones effectively battled to cobble together a not likely union of African-Americans, liberal whites and moderate Republican politicians.

“This is an important time in Alabama’s history, and we feel extremely confident where we are and how this is going to turn out,” the Democrat said after casting his ballot Tuesday.

On the ground in Alabama on Tuesday, those who stood in line to cast their ballots were much more focused on the prospects than the wider political fallout.

Teresa Brown, a 53-year-old administrative assistant, said she preferred Jones, in part, because he would be better positioned to work throughout party lines. “We do not need a pedophile therein,” Brown added.

She was among more than two lots people queued up in the chilly early morning air at Legion Field, a mainly black precinct in Birmingham, to cast their ballots. Al Bright, 63, who does refrigeration repair work, said he elected Moore.

“Regardless of the claims versus him, I think he is an honorable male,” Bright said.

Mary Multrie, 69, who operates in a children’s health center, disagreed.

“He’s not a genuine guy,” 69-year-old Mary Multrie said of Moore. Multrie wasn’t affected by allegations of sexual misconduct versus Moore, she said, because she already did not like him. “He discusses God, but you don’t see God in his actions.”

Moore, who mainly prevented public occasions in the last weeks of the race and invested far less cash on marketing than his opponent, wager huge– and lost– on the state’s standard Republican leanings and the strength of his passionate evangelical Christian fans.

He avoided concerns about sexual misconduct as he arrived at his polling place on horseback.

Democrats were not expected to have a possibility in Alabama, one of the most Republican-leaning states in the country. Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton here by almost 28 points simply 13 months earlier. Yet Moore had political baggage that warded off some moderate Republicans even before allegations of sexual misconduct appeared.

Essentially the whole Republican establishment, Trump included, supported Moore’s main challenger, Sen. Luther Strange in September. Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was one of the just early high-profile Moore backers.

Moore was removed from his position as state Supreme Court chief justice the first time after he chose not to eliminate a boulder-sized Ten Commandments monolith at the state court building. The 2nd time, he was completely suspended for prompting state probate judges to refuse marital relationship licenses to same-sex couples.

In his last pitch before surveys opened across the state, Jones called the option a “crossroads” and asked that “decency” dominate.

“We have actually had this history in the past, going down the roadway that … has not been efficient,” Jones said. “We’ve lagged behind in industry. We have actually dragged in education. We’ve dragged in health care. It’s time we take the road that’s going to get us on the course to progress.”

FBI representative removed from Russia probe called Trump an '' idiot '.


Evan Vucci/ AP In this Dec. 12, 2017, picture, President Donald Trump speaks before signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, in the Roosevelt Room of the White Home in Washington. An FBI representative removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative group over politically charged text messages at one point described Trump, then the Republican presidential candidate, as an “idiot.” The Associated Press evaluated dozens of text messages between Peter Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence agent, and Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer who was detailed to Mueller’s team previously this year. The Justice Department turned the messages over to Congress on Dec. 12.

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017|7:45 p.m.

WASHINGTON– An FBI representative eliminated from unique counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative group over politically charged text messages referred to Donald Trump, then the Republican governmental candidate, as an “moron” and said on election night that a Trump triumph would be “terrifying,” inning accordance with dozens of text examined by The Associated Press.

Peter Strzok, a veteran FBI counterintelligence representative who was also deeply involved in the examination into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private e-mail server, was eliminated over the summertime from Mueller’s group following the discovery of text messages exchanged with Lisa Page, an FBI legal representative who was also detailed to the group of representatives and district attorneys examining potential coordination between Russia and the Trump project.

The messages, which emerged in a Justice Department inspector basic examination into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton inquiry, were being offered to congressional committees and were reviewed by the AP on Tuesday night.

The texts seen by the AP took place as the 2016 governmental race remained in full swing and as Trump and Clinton were aiming to beat their primary challengers and head towards the basic election. The messages cover a broad series of political topics and include an exchange of news short articles about the race, frequently together with their own commentaries.

In one exchange, on Oct. 18, 2016, Strzok composes to Page and says: “I am riled up. Trump is an (curse) idiot, is unable to offer a meaningful answer. I CAN’T RETREAT. WHAT THE (expletive) TOOK PLACE TO OUR COUNTRY??!?!

Weeks later, on election night, as it ends up being clearer that Trump may defeat Clinton, he says, “OMG THIS IS (curse) TERRIFYING.”

Page replies: “Yeah, that’s not good.”

A spokesperson for Mueller has said Strzok was eliminated from the team as soon as the text were found. Nevertheless, Trump and other Republicans have actually held up the revelation to recommend that members of Mueller’s group, and members of the FBI management in basic, are politically compromised.

FBI Director Chris Wray tacitly rebuked the president at a hearing last week where he safeguarded his representatives.

Nevadans can still gain from ACA

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017|2 a.m.

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It has actually been seven years considering that the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Regardless of continuous changes producing obstacle after hurdle, personnel at the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, Nevada’s state firm that assists people acquire budget-friendly health protection, has continued to push forward. Our little however mighty group remains concentrated on facilitating the purchase and sale of health insurance coverage plans that supply quality coverage through a transparent, simplified market of qualified health strategies.

In 2015, the open registration period in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace lasted three months. This year, it covers only 45 days, ending this Friday after beginning Nov. 1. In spite of the shortened timespan, enrollment numbers are strong. Since week 4 of open registration, more than 27,000 Nevadans have registered for health insurance through the exchange, up 30 percent over the same time period for plan year 2017.

In addition to ongoing and hopefully increasing numbers of enrollees, we are seeing an increase in traffic on our website in addition to a constant influx of calls into our customer help call center. In the first week of enrollment, we saw an increase of 133 percent from last year at the Nevada Health Link call center. The exchange is encouraged by this increased traffic and stay positive that the work being done at the exchange and the message we are communicating is being heard throughout the state. In spite of all the political rhetoric surrounding the ACA, consumers are putting in the time to inform themselves on insurance coverage and are taking a beneficial interest in discovering more about the value in having protection on their own and their families.

With the recently of open enrollment upon us, the staff at the exchange continues to build relationships with stakeholders and community partners, considering that these relationships are an important part of our work being done. Without these partners, we would not be almost as successful in letting people understand there are inexpensive health plans readily available and there are registration assisters readily available to assist navigate through the process.

Some of the most common misunderstandings about acquiring insurance coverage from an exchange-based marketplace connect to expenses. Financial help is readily available, and we estimate that 85 percent of Nevadans who register in a strategy through the exchange are eligible for monetary help (subsidies) to help balance out regular monthly premiums. Numerous Nevadans can discover low-priced to no-cost health insurance, thanks to the assistance of aids. Consumers often hear about cost increases and are justifiably concerned, however it is necessary to note that when premiums rise, so does a consumer’s subsidy. So we are finding that the majority of exchange enrollees will have little or no effect with the increase in premiums.

Healthcare can be complicated, specifically with all the clashing info being circulated at the federal level. That said, Nevada homeowners can feel confident that we remain dedicated to maintaining the exchange’s mission to decrease the variety of uninsured throughout the Silver State. We continue to execute and surpass access to certified health insurance. For more information, go to or call 855-768-5465.

Janel Davis is the interactions officer for the Silver State Medical Insurance Exchange.