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Feed, aerate your cool-season yard now

November 13, 2011 – 2:01 am

Here are some questions I fielded this previous week at the Springs Preserve.

Concern: Is it real that Thanksgiving feedings of my cool-season lawn keep it greener through the winter and improve its overall health next season?

Answer: Yes. It keeps the yard greener and stronger even into next summer. Also, aerate your lawn now. The aerator removes plugs from the soil so water penetrates much deeper triggering deeper rooting. To avoid icing during the winter season, water during the midmorning hours. If freezing temperature levels are anticipated, turn off your watering system.

Q: Does overseeding my Tifway Bermuda lawn injured it next summer season?

A: Skipping the process leads to a more vigorous yard because Bermuda is able to save nutrients in its stolons and rhizomes for next summertime. It likewise gets rid of taking on ryegrass as the Bermuda comes out of dormancy next spring. Likewise, inactive grass allows you to find spray winter season weeds without damaging the lawn.

Q: Is it real that fertilizing warm-season Bermuda with iron keeps it greener longer into the fall?

A: Yes. But it’s far too late to do it now. Making three applications of iron 2 weeks apart in mid-September will keep your lawn greener. With Bermuda, late-fall nitrogen feedings harm the turf’ ability to save nutrients. This emerges with bad green-up next spring.

Q: Why won’t the leaves on my eight years nandina turn red in the fall? It gets filtered early morning sun on our patio.

A: It’s not getting enough direct sunlight. Move it to a brighter place. I planted a Hacienda climber on the north side of my home without considering sunshine, and it’s never developed its standard autumn colors.

Q: When do we plant bulbs?

A: The faster the much better. Bulbs need winter, and we don’t get much. Enhance the soil with bone meal to make the flowers prettier. If drain is a problem, plant somewhere else.

Q: Why are the older leaves on my houseplants dropping?

A: The shortened days and cooler nights cause summer season leaves to drop. Your first response might be to feed, but do not do that. Turn plants weekly a quarter-turn so that leaves get equal quantities of sunlight for balanced growth.

Q: Can we decrease the height of a tree without harming it?

A: Yes. Recognize a branch you need to get rid of. Cut the branch off where it connects to the limb, taking care never ever to leave a stub extending from the remaining branch. Continue throughout the tree till you have actually reduced its height.

Do your pruning after leaves drop so you’ll make smarter choices.

Secure the now-exposed limbs from the sun due to the fact that borers invade sunburn-damaged trunks and limbs. Paint limbs with a white latex paint to avoid the burning and deter the borers.

Q: How do I prune my 3-year-old Chinese elm?

A: The best time to prune is after the leaves drop. The cardinal rule is never ever getting rid of more than 25 percent of living tissue (branches, stems, leaves) in any one year otherwise you’ll badly stress the tree. You desire more leaves next spring to manufacture more food for your tree.

Start pruning by eliminating any damaged, dead or crossing branches. This might be all that is needed for the year. For a young tree, leave numerous branches on the tree but make certain they’re not spaced too close together.


Herbs are marvelous plants. They’re easy to grow, versatile and yummy. Discover how to grow them in a workshop at 8:30 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday through November at the Springs Preserve, at 333. S. Valley View Blvd. I teach the Saturday class.


The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension has a new demonstration garden to display. Master gardeners will show how to “Paint Your Garden with Color” utilizing desert-adapted plants at 9 a.m. Saturday at 8050 Paradise Roadway.

The demonstration garden has more than 500 types of trees, shrubs, perennials, palms, cactuses and agaves. The premises are open for self-guided walk-abouts on weekdays.

Likewise at the Cooperative Extension, horticulturist Bob Morris will resolve soil issues and explain typical garden bugs and the best ways to control them organically at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The garden tour and pest workshop are both complimentary. For more information, call 257-5555 or email [email protected]

Linn Mills writes a garden column each Sunday. You can reach him at linn.mills @ or 702-822-7754.

Girlfriend of accused testifies about 2013 Strip shooting, fiery crash

Yenesis Alfonso testified Monday that she never ever heard anybody threaten her partner, Ammar Harris, before he fired his gun out the window of his Range Rover the morning of Feb. 21, 2013.

Harris, a self-described pimp, deals with murder and other charges in line with the shooting and an intense crash that killed three people on the Strip that early morning.

Alfonso, 24, said she, Harris and 2 other ladies had gotten in the Variety Rover after leaving the Haze Club at the Aria. She stated she was riding in the passenger seat while Harris drove with his gun on his lap.

At one point, Alfonso affirmed, Harris cut in front of a Maserati. She said he then pulled up next to the Maserati, which was on their right, at a traffic signal.

Alfonso stated she acknowledged the driver of the Maserati as Kenneth “Kenny” Clutch Cherry Jr. and told Harris he was not the exact same individual he had actually said with at the club. She stated she reclined her seat and reduced her window at Harris’ demand and heard him ask the other male, “Exactly what’s popping?” or “Exactly what’s up?”

The witness said Cherry responded by asking, “Do I know you?”

Alfonso stated she then heard a shot go off. She said Harris had fired his weapon over her, and her ears were sounding. He then sped away on Las Vegas Boulevard.

“I was on the floor initially and then I returned up on the seat,” Alfonso said.

She said she believed she heard two more gunshots but did not hear the accident or explosion that followed.

District attorneys have described the shooting as a case of incorrect identity; an attorney for Harris has stated he was acting in self-defense.

Cherry, likewise a pimp, was struck as soon as and died. A traveler in Cherry’s automobile was grazed by a bullet.

The Maserati crashed into a taxicab, which blew up in flames, killing the cabdriver, Michael Boldon, and his traveler, Sandra Sutton-Wasmund.

Alfonso stated she and Harris returned to their residence and dropped off to sleep. Later on that morning, she examined her cellular phone for news about the occurrence and learned that three individuals had passed away.

She said the couple soon left for L.a, but when her photo appeared in national news media, Harris informed her to return the home of Miami. She said he never ever informed her why he shot Cherry.

Harris was later apprehended by a team of FBI agents and authorities at an apartment in Studio City in L.a.

When asked to explain the feelings she had for Harris, Alfonso told jurors, “I was in love with him.” She likewise stated she thought she was pregnant at the time.

Alfonso, who had criminal charges pending versus her before the shooting, later on negotiated a plea contract with prosecutors and accepted testify at Harris’ trial. As part of the offer, she pleaded guilty to a felony charge of possession of a taken vehicle and 2 misdemeanors: petit larceny and solicitation for prostitution.

She is awaiting sentencing, but she stated her felony might be minimized to a misdemeanor if she successfully completes probation.

7 months after the Strip shooting, Harris was condemned of raping and robbing a lady in June 2010. District Judge Kathleen Delaney, who also is overseeing the murder trial, bought Harris to serve 16 years to life in jail on 3 counts of sexual attack and one count of burglary.

Earlier this year, Delaney added an additional 2 to 5 years to Harris’ sentence for a scheme to smuggle cellphones into High Desert State Jail.

Harris, 29, could faced the death sentence if founded guilty in the murder case.

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Lamar Odom'' s family praises Las Vegas medical facility for his care

Lamar Odom’s household thanked the medical team at Sunup Healthcare facility and Medical Center for exactly what they described as superb care during his week-long stay in their first official declaration since his discharge on Monday.

“Your superb, day-and-night care provided us the convenience and assurances we desperately had to know Lamar would stand firm.” Odom’s auntie JaNean Mercer stated in a release Tuesday early morning.

The previous NBA gamer and fact TV star was taken to the Las Vegas medical facility after he was discovered unresponsive in a Nye County brothel on Oct. 13. He is now in Los Angeles, where he will receive more extensive therapy.

Mercer, who raised Odom, asked the general public to pray for her family, adding, “He continues to make miraculous progress.”

Odom invested four days at the Love Cattle ranch, about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, with at least two legal prostitutes, prior to he was found unconscious with blood and foam coming from his nose and mouth.

The females he hung out with in his private VIP suite say he did not engage in controlled substance use in front of them. He did, nevertheless, take up to 10 of Reload, an natural sexual improvement supplement, a ranch representative stated recently. Odom apparently made use of cocaine prior to his check out at the brothel, the prostitutes stated he informed them.

Private investigators acquired a warrant to check Odom’s blood for illegal drugs and are still awaiting outcomes. The sheriff’s office stated it might take weeks for results to return.

Beside his time with the L.a Lakers, Odom is well-known for belonging to the Kardashian household through his marital relationship to Khloe Kardashian.

The pair declared divorce in 2013 after four years of marriage. Since of case stockpiles, the divorce has yet to be wrapped up.

“To everyone from throughout the nation and worldwide who continued to send your love and prayers, we THANK YOU genuinely.” Mercer stated.

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Man shot on Fremont Street hospitalized after walking to Stratosphere

Las Vegas cops are investigating a shooting near downtown that sent out one male to the hospital.

Officers were initially phoned call to the 1400 block of Fremont Street, near Maryland Parkway, after dispatchers received reports of gunshots there about 4:17 p.m. Monday, officer Laura Meltzer said.

Once there, officers received a call from the Stratosphere, notifying them that a male with a gunshot wound had walked in, Meltzer stated. That male informed cops he had actually been shot on Fremont Street.

Police state the two calls are related, and that the male strolled more than 2 miles from the scene of the shooting to the hotel and casino, where he told security exactly what occurred.

The man was required to University Medical Center. His condition was not immediately available.

This is a developing story. Examine back for updates.

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Lowering the Riv part of giant puzzle

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s plan to reduce the Riviera next year will be an important piece of a huge puzzle.

Through a procedure that is expected to take a number of years, thousands of man hours’ planning and countless dollars, the authority will attempt to destroy and eliminate 13 structures, consisting of the 2,100-room, 23-story tower, construct several new centers and do it all without interfering with conventions that have been a part of the Las Vegas landscape for several years.

How the authority will pull that off is anticipated to be a part of what is discussed Thursday when the Southern Nevada Tourist Infrastructure Committee fulfills for the 3rd of 5 fact-finding sessions causing a report on the state’s role in reinforcing Southern Nevada’s tourist resources.

The $2.3 billion effort to recondition the Las Vegas Convention Center campus is itself a massive undertaking. Contribute to that a strategy to incorporate a potential new stadium, streets, pedestrian facilities and McCarran International Airport and how they’ll all fit in with the Convention Center in addition to convention centers run by Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International and Caesars Home entertainment provides an image of just how huge all of this is.

Agents of some of the Las Vegas convention scene’s largest exhibition managers likewise are expected to weigh in at Thursday’s session.

The reduction of the Riviera to rubble is a huge, critical piece, which is why the authority’s board of directors worked with Sacramento, Calif.-based Cordell Corp. as its owner representative to coordinate the process.

Under principals Terry Miller and co-founder Don Webb, Cordell has actually supervised convention center tasks in Boston, Kansas City, San Diego and San Jose and Ontario, Calif. The business likewise has worked on Levi’s Arena, house of the San Francisco 49ers, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, house of the Denver Broncos, Fenway Park in Boston and arena expansions at the University of Michigan, Oregon State University, Ohio State University and the University of California.

Back in July, the authority board authorized a $42 million budget to destroy the Riviera. Because LVCVA policy requires the board to approve any expenditure over $100,000, a $1.84 million task management agreement modification currently in the spending plan had to be verified by the board.

Now, Cordell and its hazardous products consultant, Terracon Consultants, are developing a plan to destroy the Riviera by early 2017, in time for the Con-Expo/ConAgg building devices exhibition to make use of the Riviera premises for outdoor exhibition area on the website.

“We have actually been in there for three weeks, doing survey work, sampling and performing the investigative work typical of restorations and demolitions,” Miller said.

The demolition group is required to get rid of possibly dangerous products in conformance with federal and state ecological regulations. Miller said crews are on schedule and on budget plan for preparing bid files that would lead to the demolition of the Riviera in the first quarter of 2016. A pre-bid conference will be carried out to qualify bidders.

Miller stated he has actually gotten across the country interest from specialists thinking about sending quotes for the task, which has a hard-cost spending plan of $36 million for labor and material for the remediation and demolition and for website preparation for outdoor exhibits.

When Terracon completes its tasting of fabrics– teams anticipate they might find asbestos and mold in their examination– they’ll submit fabrics to a laboratory. Test outcomes must help service providers identify the very best method to bring the building down, whether by implosion or a more traditional means.

Due to the fact that buildings will be removed and will not be remodeled for future use, it’s more likely the bid would incorporate removal techniques than material conservation. Exactly what the dangerous fabrics specialists find need to lead to a decision on whether the structure is imploded or torn down with wrecking balls. Bidders might also submit options that will enable Cordell making a choice on how the structure boils down.

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Daily fantasy sports: Utilize promo code UNLAWFUL BETTING

Speak about a bad beat and a headache straight out of “The Hangover.”

Las Vegas publisher Anthony Curtis’ most current providing, “Fantasy Sports, Real Cash,” goes to push next week. Composed by acclaimed reporter Bill Ordine, it’s the information of how dream sports blew up into a multibillion-dollar business in a few brief years. That’s the good news.

The problem? The computer-driven sports betting for the millennial generation is being compelled to reboot following today’s Nevada Video gaming Control Board conclusion that day-to-day dream sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel are assisting in illegal sports betting. With investigative short articles released Friday in The New york city Times that consisted of the headline, “The Dark Fact of Online Sports Betting,” and included Nevada’s new working meaning of dream sports, it’s an understatement to state business model is in risk.

Nevada authorities are tugging the plug in an act reminiscent of the federal effort to confine uncontrolled poker and betting websites on April 15, 2011, in the notorious “Black Friday” raids. The sweeping Times report, focused in big part on online sports wagering, went into excellent detail to state what numerous viewers have believed very apparent: A 2006 federal law forbiding online rewards on illegal bets has actually been an abject failure, and a legal exemption for “dream sports” pleased the National Football League but generated the current regulative headache involving the hugely successful DraftKings and FanDuel. FanDuel Chief Financial Officer Matt King boasted to the Times that the business’s company design was intended straight at millennials who fit with the online world and had produced “numerous million paid players and that’s growing every day.”

I’m thinking that growth is on hold, and King’s confidence need to have been shaken by recent discoveries that some extremely successful dream players used inside information. If the fantasy sports scandal follows the examination including the Poker Stars and Full Tilt online operations, there will be a huge price to pay.

Fantasy sports received a gift from Congress in 2006 when no one in charge had the insight to see the business capacity, but the idea that FanDuel and DraftKings are simply offering “entertainment” to millions of fist-bumping 20-somethings with their caps on sideways is laughable. This is bookmaking and sports wagering for the 21st century.

Gaming specialist Curtis doesn’t purchase the present “insider trading” comparisons to the noticeable information hacks at FanDuel, however he knows the rating.

“The insider trading analogy is truly a bad one,” Curtis stated. “However I have actually stated from the start DFS is definitely betting. It’s not even close, not a subject of argument. I think that this was the ideal chance for big pc gaming to put the clamps on it. They don’t want this uncontrolled entity out there that’s doing basically what they’re doing. This is a kind of sports gambling that need to not be unregulated. It’s been in huge video gaming’s craw for a long time. The best opportunity included the ‘scandal.’ It was a big chance to fire away.”

And they did.

“For that reason, given that offering DFS in Nevada is prohibited without the proper license, all unlicensed activities have to cease and desist from the date of this Notice till such time as either the Nevada Modified Statutes are altered or until such entities declare and get the requisite licenses to take part in said activity,” Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett wrote in his notice to licensees.

Where does that leave devoted dream sports fanatics?

As most likely as not, back at their regional sports book chasing proposal bets.

“Exactly what’s bad about it is there’s a load of individuals in Nevada who love playing everyday fantasy sports, and now they can’t do it,” Curtis stated. “That draws.”

Contrary to the dreams of the bosses at FanDuel and Draft Kings, their unregulated business design was bound to develop. And the millennial sports wagering market certainly holds big potential for the video gaming industry.

Down at Huntington Press, Curtis grabbed the aspirin bottle and pushed his bet that Ordine’s new book will be a huge winner.

“All this news could be a blessing in camouflage down the road,” the publisher stated, scrambling to add a new chapter to a quickly evolving story.

John L. Smith’s column appears Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Contact him at 702 383-0295, or [email protected]!.?.!. On Twitter: @jlnevadasmith

More rain, thunderstorms to strike the valley Sunday

Southern Clark County is under a flash flood watch as Sunday storms have hammered areas surrounding the Las Vegas Valley, causing numerous roadway closures, according to authorities.

The storms were moving northeast toward Mohave County, Ariz., National Weather condition Service meteorologist Caleb Steele said about 7:30 p.m.

. The watch is set to expire at 10 p.m. Sunday, Steele stated.

Storms have mostly missed the Las Vegas Valley, however have triggered issues to the west, east and south of it, meteorologist John Adair stated.

Nye County was particularly hit hard, Steeled stated.

There were reports of rinsed roads and Clark County fire departments took part in several swift-water saves, according to a county site. No injuries were announced.

Mud and flooding closed down northbound UNITED STATE Highway 95 at state Path 160 and southbound 95 in Beatty, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada stated about 2 p.m. A resuming or estimated time for it had not been announced by Sunday night.

The Nye County Sheriff’s office stated that the 95 was turned off at mile marker 22 of state Route 160 and the 95 on Beatty was shut down at Airport Road.

There was also water and mud on state Path 160 on mile marker 34, the Constable’s Office said.

U.S Path 93, Apex Highway, 10 miles northeast of Interstate 15, was also closed down due to flooding, Adair said.

The Nevada Highway Patrol cautioned driver to not drive over moving water.

A line of thunderstorms was hammering Lake Mead and the Stone Basin to the southeast of the valley and Overton, Moapa and Valley of Fire State Park to the northeast of Las Vegas, Adair said. A flash flood warning ended at 7 p.m.

Sunday’s temperature levels did not increase above 78 degrees, Adair said.

Storms were anticipated to decrease Sunday night into Monday morning and there must only be a small possibility for showers and Thunderstorms on Monday, Adair said.

Monday’s forecast is partially cloudy with a 20 percent possibility for showers and high temperatures about 77.

Tuesday ought to be partially sunny with comparable opportunities for showers. Possible rain Tuesday would come from a low-pressure system focused over Yuma, Ariz.

. The storm is expected to distribute over Yuma Tuesday and after that move east throughout Arizona, bringing mostly bright skies and afternoon highs in the upper 70s to the valley on Wednesday.

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Helicopter downed near Searchlight

Authorities are investigating a downed helicopter on state Path 164 in Searchlight.

An initial investigation identified that there were no occupants on the scene when cops showed up, however that the Bell helicopter is “substantially damaged,” Federal Air travel Administration spokesman Ian Gregor stated.

Initial calls about 12:30 p.m. stated the craft was downed about 60 miles south of the Las Vegas Valley, stated Metro Lt. Jeff Goodwin.

The pilot was short on fuel and attempted to land when the car got caught in crosswinds, Goodwin said. The pilot was not hurt in the “hard-impact crash.”

Nevada Highway Patrol and the Clark County Fire Department also responded to the wreck.

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Police look for guy in connection with Saturday homicide

Las Vegas police are looking for a person of interest in connection with the fatal shooting of a man at a west valley apartment building Saturday.

Authorities requested for the public’s help finding Mose Bennett, 23.

Cops did not launch information about Bennett’s connection to the case, but they stated an argument at a children’s birthday took place before the shooting.

Officers reacted to the 1300 block of Kari Lee Court after a number of calls about gunshots about 8:30 Saturday night. A guy was found near an apartment stairwell with numerous gunshot wounds and pronounced dead, police stated.

His identity will be released by the Clark County coroner’s office after his household has been notified.

No arrests have been made and investigators are still figuring out exactly what motivated the slaying.

This is the 101st homicide in Metro’s jurisdiction in 2015.

Anybody with any information about this occurrence or Bennett’s whereabouts can contact the City Homicide Section at 702-828-3521 or [email protected]!.?.!. Contact Wesley

Juhl at [email protected]!.?.! and 702-383-0391. Discover him on Twitter: @WesJuhl

Cops in Las Vegas Valley still learning from fatal Ferguson event

Fourteen months after the events in Ferguson, Mo., required police throughout the country to analyze the methods they operate, departments throughout the Las Vegas Valley are still gaining from the incident.

And they’re teaching the next generation of cops.

Representatives from departments in Las Vegas and Henderson talked to lots of police academy students and homeowners at the University of Phoenix primary campus Saturday morning about the “Ferguson impact” and how firms are facing new challenges and expectations.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot and eliminated by then-Ferguson policemans Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. Erroneous reports that the black teenager was shot while his hands were up caused days of demonstrations. When a grand jury chose in November 2014 not to prosecute Wilson, who is white, cities throughout the nation emerged in demonstration.

The U.S. has actually seen event after incident where police’ usage of deadly force against African-Americans has actually been questioned. The nation witnessed demonstrations, riots and the increase of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Never prior to had the country seen conversation about law enforcement practices coming from a U.S. president, said Henderson Cops Chief Patrick Moers.

However the lessons learned from Ferguson will benefit police forces in the long run, Metro Lt. James LaRochelle said. LaRochelle deals with the Metro group that evaluates vital occurrences, including officer-involved shootings, to see what lessons can be gleaned for future training.

The public is demanding transparency from authorities departments especially before, and firms need to be prepared with a prepare for dealing with the media, he stated.

While some slammed the news media for having an adversarial relationship with police, LaRochelle indicated a 2011 Review-Journal examination into the firm’s usage of lethal techniques as a driving force for departmental change.

“The media pays a significant function in a democratic society,” LaRochelle stated. “They truly are a guard dog for government and for civil service.”

Metro’s shift towards more community-oriented policing and de-escalation techniques began years before the events in Ferguson, which the speakers stated may be one reason why the Las Vegas Valley didn’t have the kinds of vitriolic public demonstrations that took place in cities such as Baltimore and New York.

“Ferguson helped press the firm even more, but at the exact same time we were in a good position prior to Ferguson took place,” he said.

Speakers spoke about the advantages of proper training for officers at every phase in their career, responsibility procedures such as body-worn electronic camera systems, and the importance of recruiting more officers from minority communities.

Lt. Steve Menger, with the Silver State Law Enforcement Academy, stated it was essential to expose the employees to all various type of law enforcement.

“There’s a great deal of things to take a look at when you’re partnering with the community,” he said. “It’s got to be a continuously effort. We’re here to interact.”

Academy attract Alex Malone said he has discussed exactly what took place in Ferguson in classes a lot.

“It really has raised our awareness of expectations from the general public,” he stated. “Exactly what we’re truly trying to do is create a generation of thinking cops.”

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