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Easy Advice for Our New Students

The fifth yearly UNLV Createswill take place during Welcome Day on Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. The entire school community is welcomed to the event to invite new students and their families to the university and inform them about the transformative chances of a college degree.

We asked some of this year’s speakers exactly what they hope the Class of 2022 leaves their experience here.

Anita Revilla: Claim Your Right to Grow

Exactly what I would like our first-year trainees to understand is that there was a time when a college and intellectually promoting environments were reserved for the rich elite; nevertheless, females, people of color, and working-class individuals of all backgrounds required the right to an education and access to universities that were formerly rejected to them. While an education might be seen by some as a benefit, I believe it must be a right to which we are all entitled.

As a first-generation academic (and university student), there were times when I questioned my own capabilities and rights to be at the institutions I participated in– Princeton, Columbia, and UCLA– and came from extreme hardship. At first, I attempted just to make it through in those environments, but eventually I decided that I did not want to just make it through, I wanted to thrive. To do that, I recognized I needed to claim my space and right to be at the university.

I got rid of incredible fears and obstacles to be there. I soon learned that although much of my classmates came from extreme privilege and had a lot more access to college preparation resources than I had, anything they knew, I might learn and master. However exactly what I knew and experienced, they would never be able to discover. My life struggle, as a lady, Latina, and Queer, who grew up in hardship, provided me a deep knowledge of the world that few of them understood anything about. It was my battle that pressed me to prosper and ultimately flourish.

I encourage our inbound class to take pleasure in the intellectual opportunities they will gain at the university, to claim their space at UNLV, to demand the right to both discover and share their own competence with their peers and professors. I hope you all not just endure however grow at UNLV.

Anita Tijerina Revilla is an associate professor and director of gender and sexuality research studies at UNLV. Her research focuses on student motions and social justice education, specifically in the locations of Chicana/Latina, immigrant, feminist and queer rights advocacy. She is the co-editor of the book Marching Trainees: Chicana/o Activism in Education, 1968 to today. (U Nevada Press) and is working on two new books: Raza Womyn Re-constructing Transformation: Structure and Sustaining a Muxerista Consciousness and What Takes place in Vegas, Does NOT Stay in Vegas: Social Justice Activism in Las Vegas.

Finley Cotrone: Three Tips for College Success

Welcome to the start of you UNLV journey! From the start of your experience here explore school, explore methods to get involved, and discover your passion! To obtain the most out of your experience, I have 3 recommendations for you.

Initially, find what you like doing so much, you would do it totally free then discover mentors who will assist you determine the best ways to make a living at it. Do not hesitate to talk to your professors, advisors, and other personnel who can share their experience and advice with you.

Second, find your tribe! Find that group of buddies who have comparable goals to yours who will lift you up when you fall and who will help you hold yourself accountable when you stumble.

Third, keep your eye on the reward! Make a poster that includes your graduation date and hang it on the wall where you do your research. Put your expected graduation date on your resume– best at the top. Diversions will occur at every turn, however keep in mind no opportunity is as crucial as finishing your degree! When you’re struggling in a class– look at that date and discover the support you need. When you lose focus– take a look at that date and refocus! Keep your eye on the reward so we can commemorate your achievement in the Thomas & & Mack in four years!

Finley Cotrone is an assistant teacher in residence in the Harrah College of Hotel Administration. She is a leadership advancement professional whose greatest delight supporting the advancement of the young people in her student company: The National Society of Minorities in Hospitality.

Michael Green: Make the most of the Buffet

When I was maturing in Las Vegas, my family typically went to the inexpensive buffets. Now the buffets aren’t quite so cheap, however they are larger and much better. So are Las Vegas and UNLV.

As a freshman here myself in the fall of 1982, UNLV had little in the way of counseling to help me determine my classes. I aimed to sign up for classes I didn’t need and wasn’t eligible to take till I check out the small print in the course catalog. At the time, we had one residence hall– Tonopah– and there was talk of tearing it down. The campus was usually peaceful on late afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Today, UNLV has purchased numerous resources to assist student be successful. Its numerous housing complexes (with the U-District student apartments opening next year) have created a true residential life on what is still mostly a commuter campus. From significant symphonies and dance companies in huge venues like Ham Hall and the Judy Bayley Theatre to speakers in the College of Liberal Arts’ University Online forum lecture series, something is always happening on campus to keep trainees and staff alike around.

True, UNLV had a few of these attractions when I was a student but I was taking a complete load, worked, and was a loner. I learned a lot, made time to go to some great events, and established some lifelong friendships. I treasure all of that. However I might have had a lot more to treasure if I had made the most of all UNLV needed to use even then.

So, my tip for brand-new students is to consider UNLV as resembling among those buffets: there’s staff to help you, however you’ll also have to bring your very own plates to get all of those fantastic dishes to sample.

Michael Green, ’86 BA and ’88 MA History, is an associate teacher of history and teaches courses on everything from Lincoln to Las Vegas. He is the author of Nevada: A History of the Silver State.

Samuel Song: Discover Your Passion, Not Just Your Significant!

The question for you today is, Will you let college develop you as a person?

This idea of college establishing or growing you as an individual may be brand-new for some of you. Our culture strongly highlights the “critical” value of college with messages like, “You should significant in something that will get you the highest-paying job” or, “That significant noises fun, however will it get you a job?” Of course, all of us need to make a living as adults and attaining a college does assist with that.

Nevertheless, you may be cutting yourself short if you do not likewise welcome that college is an experience that develops you and modifications you. The most important suggestion to do this offered the brevity of this short article is to discover your enthusiasm, not simply your major.

Some of you will select majors due to push from your household or society to make cash or bring status. Nevertheless, you may not be finest suited for that significant due to the fact that of your skills, goals, or motivation (i.e., passion). I personally know of a variety of stories where college students learnt an “well-regarded major” however that did not fit them. They regrettably graduated with a low GPA and were not able to go on to graduate school, find a task that was related to their “esteemed significant,” or that was satisfying in terms of cash. Other trainees learnt something that suited their abilities, however did not resonate with who they were; they either left of a prominent graduate training program or are working as an expert however are not pleased with their career.

Given that individuals typically switch jobs 5 or more times in a lifetime, utilizing college to find or fine tune your enthusiasm for life is an excellent usage of your time.

Obviously, some of you have the gift of knowing what you wish to do as a profession given that childhood– go for it! But even as you pursue your major, continue to refine your passion within your significant and see how other elements of life such as social work may be linked to your enthusiasm.

You need to make the effort to challenge yourself academically and socially, welcome the numerous opportunities that college needs to offer through clubs and community service, journal your reflections about your college experience, and keep talking with good friends and schoolmates about your learnings, life, and society. Along the way, you will develop who you are as a person. College will alter you, if you let it!

Samuel Tune, is an associate teacher of school psychology in the UNLV College of Education. His research concentrates on techniques that promote healthy school cultures and environments for all kids including the “environmental minority.” Existing jobs concentrate on avoiding school bullying and lowering racial/ethnic discipline variations through the execution of corrective justice practices. Song looks for to advance this social justice mission in the field of school psychology and psychology broadly. He likes In-N-Out hamburger and likes to speak to students who might have an interest in pursuing professions in psychology, education, and school psychology. Email Tune to link on either of these or both simultaneously.

Getting one of the most Book for Your Buck: Tips from the Bookstore

Barnes & & Noble College has actually been UNLV’s campus partner considering that 1985. Basic manager Mondana Eghdami, who signed up with the UNLV group in 2005, provides the following recommendations to optimize cost savings on books.

Getting books has definitely changed a lot with new technology. Exactly what are all the various ways to obtain books?

There are six methods: you can rent or buy your books in new, used, or digital formats. The UNLV Book shop offers all six choices in addition to running “rate match” with,, and all physical shops.

Among the very best methods to get the best possibility for lowest prices is to order online and early. Skip the lines at the book shop and order your books online for shop pickup free of charge. We retrieve, load, and hold your books until you’re back on campus. Shop online now. What can you advise when it pertains to leasing versus buying books?

When you lease books, you can use the book throughout of term and conserve up to 80 percent. That’s a huge savings! However if you want to re-use book you can not. If you return the book harmed, a replacement cost might be charged.

When you buy books, it’s yours. You can utilize them later on. For example, an education significant frequently purchases his/her books to use later when they are teaching in the field. However when you buy the book, cost is higher and you may not have the ability to offer it back at the end of the semester.

How do returns work?

There are no limitations on returns throughout the first week of class. If after examining the book and the syllabus you realize that you do not have the appropriate products, you can return your books.

You can still return your books after the very first week of class, today you will have to show proof that you dropped or altered classes. The book must also be in initial condition. This consists of gain access to codes.

If you rent your books, you can return your books at the end of the semester much like you would at your local library.

If you buy your books, at the end of the term we redeem at 50 percent of the worth paid for the book if it is being used next semester. If it’s not being utilized, or if book adoptions are not ended up, you will get the existing market price for the book.

Should you buy before the first class or wait to see the curriculum?

Due to the fact that of the return policy throughout the first week of classes, I suggest getting your books early. The earlier you do, the most affordable cost alternatives you have.

Exactly what are the book shop’s prolonged hours?

The very first 3 days of school we are open up until 8 p.m. We are likewise open Saturday and Sunday prior to the first day of class. Check our social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for the most up-to-date details.

Exactly what else do students seem to get confused about?

Typically students ask why one book is rentable and another is not. Leasings are just available for non-custom books. If your professor personalizes his/her book, we can not rent it due to the fact that it can not be utilized in a following term.

Anything faculty need to learn about books for their trainees?

Early adoption is a very important part of getting the best offers. When teachers embrace their books in April, for instance, we can prepare our stock and buy back your spring books for fall. This lets us give trainees better buy-back rates and allows us to use more secondhand books to students the list below term. It’s all about timing for faculty, for students, and for us.

The UNLV Bookstore uses four full-time, one part-time, and up to 50 trainee staff members at peak/rush times. Intrigued in joining the team for spring? Come over and talk with a bookseller.

Rebel Guide: 12 Tips for a Terrific Term

The chill of fall might not quite be in the air, but that does not indicate it’s too early to think of how you’re going to spend the start of the semester. Campus is ripe with plenty of resources for you to make the most of your year. Here are a couple of ideas to obtain you going. You’re going to want to take cautious notes– specifically to the part about Steak N Shake.


n’t know where to begin? Start at The Crossway, UNLV’s detailed multicultural center. The center assists trainees, particularly first-generation and trainees of color, successfully navigate their academic careers. Easily found on the very first flooring of the Student Union, The Intersection is your location to connect to the best people, info, and services from throughout campus.

Jason Sisson, of the Division Health Science Advising Center staff, helping a student with paperwork.

Stay on Top of the Workload: Is that math class daunting? Do not know which classes will keep you on track to finish? The Academic Success Center assists students make it to graduation through tutoring, recommending, and other support services.

Students pose with a cardboard photo frame outside the Student Union.

Get Included: There’s something on campus for everyone– from video games and epicurean clubs to volunteer programs and intramurals. Fulfill us throughout one of our welcome weeks eventsand visit our Student Engagement & & Variety siteto see exactly what we offer.

Students in line at student financial services office.

Stay on top of crucial deadlines: The main Academic Calendar lists crucial dates, like the last day you can change areas or drop a class without penalty.

Jump-Start Your Career: Start networking now for internships and jobs after you finish. Profession Providerscan help link you to future employers and prep you for interviews.

Student talking to a therapist.

Take a Load Off: Feeling distressed about the academic year? Relationship issues distracting you? UNLV offers a number of free services to assist you deal with stress, resolve conflicts, and embrace healthy routines for life. Go to the Trainee Leisure and Wellness Center website to link to free services.

Student exercising on treadmill at the university gym.

Get Moving: The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers numerous physical fitness and wellness programs. Meditate during a yoga class, perspire during spin, learn judo, take part with the school’s oldest event– the yearly Oozeball tournament— or just relax in among the SRWC’s massage chairs. Your student health charge covers gym membership and health clinic check outs.

Catch Some Culture: UNLV event places cover all sorts of interests. Enjoy up-and-coming stars in a trainee play or world-renowned artists at the Carrying out Arts Center. Get tickets to the Runnin’ Rebels or sign up with the discussion with guest speakers. Check out the UNLV Calendar.

Night time shot of bicycle police officer patrolling campus.

Keep in mind Security First: UNLV Authorities Providers officers patrol school on foot, Segways, and bikes to fosters open lines of communication. Go to the security and emergecy websiteto find out more about theft prevention, late-night school security, and other services. And make certain to keep your cellphone updated in the Emergency situation Notification System to get text informs about campus emergency situations.

Students in line at campus copy center.

Make a Quick Copy or Send a Package: Visit the Rebel Copy & Send Center on the first floor of the Trainee Union for all of your printing and shipping needs. Stay Connected: From the loop? Get the scoop! Follow UNLV social networks accounts, read your Rebel Mailfor official university communications, and check out UNLV News Center to stay up to this day on school news and occasions.

Students line up to order from Steak N Shake at the Student Union.

Grab a Bite: Meal strategies are convenient, flexible, and packed with choices. No matter how much time you spend on school, you can take pleasure in a meal strategy across all of our dining venues with a series of menus and offerings.

Students sit at an outdoor table reading books.

Load up Your Backpack: Get your books early, and have more option at the campus bookstore. In 2015 the UNLV Book shop conserved students $1.49 million by providing more choices in new and
utilized purchase and rentals.

Nevada Conservatory Theatre Announces its 2015-16 season

The Nevada Conservatory Theatre at UNLV is pleased to announce its 2015-16 season, a thrilling mix of Shakespeare, contemporary Broadway hits, and valued American classics.

Christopher Edwards, the artistic director for the NCT, invites the whole Las Vegas neighborhood to engage with the NCT throughout the 2015-16 season: “With an eye towards community engagement and entertainment for young and old alike, we want to get back to exactly what has actually made this theatre business promoting and available.”

The 2015-16 season provides something for everyone in your household, from among Shakespeare’s most long-lasting comedies, to Cole Porter’s traditional American musical, to a dramatization of Harper’ Lee’s ageless novel about coming of age in the racially-segregated south, to Quiara Alegr?a Hudes’s Pulitzer-prize winning play, which checks out the impact of war on a Latino household. Thrill your senses with our creepy Halloween program and feel the magic of the holiday season with our bi-annual production of A Christmas Carol.

In the Main Phase Series audiences will experience 5 expert programs including the work of nationally recognized theatre artists. The NCT will likewise provide three conservatory shows highlighting UNLV’s gifted MFA and Bachelor’s Degree students in its Studio Series. Also look for special events surrounding the theatrical offerings, such as a Halloween celebration, a Holiday celebration, Brush-Up-Your-Shakespeare workshops, playwriting workshops and new trainee matinees.

The 2015-16 season is as follows:

Much Ado about Absolutely nothing

by William Shakespeare
Sept. 17-20 (Studio Series)

In Shakespeare’s cherished romantic comedy, a lover’s trap is set for Benedick, a sworn bachelor and Beatrice, his preferred spoken sparring partner– the gloves are off and a comic love story remains in the making.

Water by the Spoonful

by Quiara Alegr?a Hudes
Oct. 2-11 (Main Phase Series)

When Elliot, a young Puerto Rican guy, returns home from Iraq, he finds that the lives of his member of the family are likewise in chaos. Through the strength of household and the neighborhood of chatroom, we see Elliot’s “look for human connection in a severe and destabilizing world” (Time). This play is winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Reward.

Title TBA

Oct. 23-Nov. 1 (Main Stage Series)

A Halloween treat of a program for the first annual Halloween Celebration.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens
December 2-13 (Main Phase Series)

The timeless holiday tale of Ebenezer Scrooge who believes Christmas is a “humbug” till the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future remind him (and us) of what Christmas is truly all about.

To Kill a Mockingbird

by Christopher Sergel adjusted from the unique by Harper Lee
February 12-28 (Main Stage Series)

Harper Lee’s brilliant maturing story, told from a child’s viewpoint, which shows all of us how understanding and guts can accomplishment over hatred.


by Eric Bogosian
March 10-13 (Studio Series)

Bogosian’s disturbingly contemporary portrait of young, agitated, and disaffected Americans is as relevant today as it remained in 1994 when it premiered at Lincoln Center in New york city.

Kiss Me, Kate

by Cole Porter
April 29-May 8 (Main Stage Series)

Brush up your Shakespeare with this hilarious, toe-tapping musical about the joys and insanity of blending love, rivalry, and the theatre. This terrific traditional American musical presents the very best of well-known composer-lyricist Cole Porter, with hits such as “Too Darn Hot,” “So in Love,” and (obviously) “Brush up Your Shakespeare.”

Organic and Home Grown Playwright’s Festival

Dates TBA (Studio Series)

This brand-new Playwright’s Festival will provide world-premiere presentations of plays by Nevada playwrights. In this two-day brand-new plays workshop and reading series the NCT will showcase the best of regional voices from Southern Nevada.

Preparing Neighborhoods to be Durable

In the midst of a fire or pandemic– surrounded by chaos and under incredible pressure– emergency management leaders take the helm, assisting to steer cities and companies to end up being more powerful and more resilient.

As professionals in the crisis management field, they calmly decide the best next steps to take, relying on team effort, communication, and preparation abilities. These abilities are taught extensively in UNLV’s master of science in executive crisis and emergency management program.

” We’re training you to handle, tell first responders where to go, and the best ways to strategically put people and resources,” stated Christopher Stream, director of the School of Public law and Management within the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs. “That’s what we aim to teach individuals: How would you lead in a time of crisis?”

Recently, the program once again upgraded its curriculum with cybersecurity content, and the school crafted a separate four-course certificate program in cybersecurity that is anticipated to debut in spring 2018.

What Urban Cities Need

Developed in 2003 in reaction to preparedness conversations surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the master’s program initially focused on training students to understand and react to fear events. Roughly 2 years later on, however, Cyclone Katrina devastated neighborhoods of the Gulf Coast, raising concerns nationally about how emergency management strategies might have helped in reducing deaths and quicken assistance.

The cyclone pushed program staff to broaden the curriculum, training trainees to comprehend the theoretical and practical implications of emergency readiness in all facets of life, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks to extreme heat and biohazard incidents.

” We desired it to be more broadly specified,” Stream stated. “We’ve been able to react to changes in believing in the field however we’ve also been able to be proactive.”

The goal is to use students every resource they need to lead teams battling today’s catastrophes. By doing so, the school wishes to promote informed, fast responses to disasters and construct robust, dynamic communities that are less most likely to be annihilated by a major crisis.

As part of the curriculum, students work on creating solutions for community jobs. For instance, students updated operations plans for Clark County Animal Rescue and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Cops Department jail.

The Huge Picture

According to Clark County Constable Joe Lombardo, a graduate of among the earliest accomplices, the coursework in the program contributed to his appreciation for the “larger picture” action to emergency situations.

At the time he registered, Lombardo was an assistant to then-Sheriff Expense Young and he thought the degree program, which was still in its infancy, might be helpful to his function with the department while also contributing to his resume.

Getting a within, in-depth look at the role of other firms in catastrophe action assisted deepen his comprehension of how emergency situations can be properly resolved, he stated.

” It provided me an understanding of all the problems,” he stated of the coursework. “It’s straight related to what we do on a day-to-day, weekly, month-to-month basis. We need to operate as a group in order to achieve success.”

The students in the program are generally working experts. Most of the coursework is online, and many students are currently in leadership roles within their work environments, which may be in corporate, nonprofit, or government entities. A substantial portion haven’t remained in a standard university environment for several years, so the program ensures they are reestablished to college life in an enjoyable way, taking them around the primary university school.

Coming to Las Vegas

Trainees are expected to come to Las Vegas for 6 long weekends during the two-year program so that they have an opportunity to fulfill each other and personnel, take trips to local first responder and emergency places, and get an emergency management education in a prominent and extremely visible city.

” The variety of events that occur in Las Vegas really produces a distinct experience for our students,” Stream stated. “That’s why we have them come to Las Vegas, so they have the possibility to engage with really ingenious technologies and very innovative groups.”

With its complete enhance of large shows and sporting events, military bases, in some cases severe weather condition, and dynamic tourism industry, Las Vegas is a large enough city to discover how emergency management works however is little enough that trainees have instant access to resources and essential organizations. This previous summer, students got an inside look at the Clark County Emergency Operations Center.

” Las Vegas, because we are such a big tourist destination, we’re seismically active, we have flooding, wildfires– it’s a really good location with emergency situations that you’re going to need to prepare for and mitigate,” said Guy DeMarco, an emergency management expert with the city of Las Vegas who finished his master’s degree in the program in 2015.

DeMarco enrolled in the program throughout a vital time in his life. After more than 15 years in the TV news industry, he ‘d made the decision to change careers.

” I ‘d been dealing with reporting about emergency situations for a long time, and I chose I wished to do more than report about it. I wanted to do exactly what I could to assist prevent them,” he stated.

Transitioning profession fields isn’t simple, however DeMarco stated the program was perfect for his hectic schedule.

” The classes were fantastic. It’s tailor-made for somebody like me who’s going to school and working full-time,” he stated. “They do a great task of engaging students.”

Incredible Expertise

Trainees say the professors is one of the best aspects of the program. Educators from around the country, frequently with extensive applied work experience, are hired.

” We get to benefit from unbelievable expertise around the nation since of that they do not have to live here to teach,” Stream stated. “It’s really a terrific mix of fascinating people as professor, which has actually plainly been a strength.”

Program graduate Samantha Ouren, who intends to operate in police, stated she anticipated enrolling in what she thought would be diverse courses providing special viewpoints on emergency situation management, and she wasn’t disappointed.

” It’s amazing when you start this program how so many of the students come from different backgrounds. They vary from firefighters to social employees to people who are working on momentary shelter when a disaster strikes, and I think the program has something for everybody,” she said.

Helpful Relationships

Among the elements that has made the program so successful is the range of relationships the School of Public Policy and Leadership has actually formed with the campus and greater Las Vegas neighborhood.

Through faculty connections, the program’s 123 alumni, and networking, Stream and program staff have actually established ties to make it easier for students to get experience and ultimately get worked with.

As part of her capstone task, Ouren was provided the chance to work with UNLV police services, helping with social networks communications and evaluating how those resources are best used throughout emergencies and catastrophes. Some trainees have actually participated in statewide emergency trainings and others have actually helped the city of Las Vegas in evaluating sprinkler requirements.

As he prepares departments within city government to be all set for significant disasters, DeMarco actively is using the lessons he learned at UNLV and guaranteeing the city is a more resistant location.

“I never would be where I am right now had it not been for the program,” he stated.

The two-year program starts every January and July with an application due date of Nov. 15 for spring semester.

Not all set to devote to a two-year program? The school likewise is releasing an one-year cybersecurity program in spring 2018. It provides an introduction of various elements of cybersecurity, including legalities and terminology for those in management positions who should assess the threat of cybersecurity risks and deciding for a company.

Applications for the cybersecurity certificate program are due Dec. 1.

Back to School 2017: Dormitory Move-In, Diamond Anniversary, and More

New and old generations of Rebels will come together to celebrate as UNLV’s fall term classes and 60th anniversary festivities kick off Aug. 28.

For both newbie and returning trainees, the university has actually planned a host of activities to create school spirit, present myriad ways to obtain included on school, and to mark UNLV’s 60 years of contributions to Southern Nevada. Alumni, who remember various parts of UNLV’s journey from a single structure in 1957 to a successful research organization of roughly 30,000 in the heart of the country’s most dynamic community, are welcomed to share their memories at anniversary occasions.

Media thinking about going to the occasions are asked to collaborate with the UNLV Workplace of Media Relations.

For a total listing of events, check out the UNLV calendar. Check out the campus map page for extra place information. Learn more about UNLV’s 60th Anniversary at

Dormitory Move-In
When: Wednesday, Aug. 23 (freshmen), 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Dayton Neighborhood, Tonopah Neighborhood, South Complex, and Upper Class Complex
Media: Go into at Tropicana Boulevard and Thomas & & Mack Center

About 1,850 brand-new and returning trainees move into school dormitory. Take a look back at previous Move-In days here. Rebel Invite Day/UNLV Produces
When: Friday, Aug. 25. Invite Day, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.; UNLV Develops, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Where: Thomas & & Mack Center/Cox Structure
Media: Park in front of UNLV’s Thomas & & Mack Center, off of Tropicana Avenue
UNLV Produces
speakers: Finley Cotrone, Harrah College of Hotel Administration professor.
Samuel Tune, College of Education school psychology professor.
Anita Tijerina Revilla, director of Gender and Sexuality Studies and Interdisciplinary Degree program.
Michael Green, history professor.

Rebel Invite Day kickstarts trainees’ college professions with live music, food, book shop discounts and giveaways, an outside motion picture, a resource reasonable, school trips and informative cubicles, and more developed to assist them learn more about school and its programs. The capstone activity is UNLV Develops, a TEDx-like event featuring motivational messages from UNLV trainees and staff. Freshmen at the mid-morning event likewise get Rebel Cables and make a pledge to finish.

UNLV Fall Term Begins
When: Monday, Aug. 28

Throughout the day, more than 200 UNLV personnel and student volunteers will operate ” ask me “booths to respond to trainee questions. The booths will be found at the Student Leisure and Wellness Center, Pida Plaza, Ham Fine Arts Structure, Student Providers Complex, Tam Alumni Center, and Lied Library.

22nd Yearly Premier UNLV
When: Thursday, Aug. 31, from 5:30 to 10 p.m.
Where: Intramural Field, corner of Swenson Street and Harmon Avenue

A yearly custom including fireworks and the formation of a giant brightened “UNLV” produced by hundreds of UNLV trainees and alumni with flashlights.

UNLV Rebel Football Home Opener vs. Howard University
When: Saturday, Sept. 2, 6 p.m.
Where: Sam Boyd Stadium
Media: Coordinate with UNLV Sports Media Relations at -LRB-702-RRB- 895-4472.

Join UNLV head football coach Tony Sanchez and the Rebel group for their first house game of the season. The Rebel Entourage of inbound freshmen and new trainees will lead the group onto the field. Involvement Fair. When: Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: Trainee Union and Pida Plaza. Trainees learn about the more than 350 on-campus trainee companies, in addition to community groups around the Las Vegas area. UNLV’s 60thBirthday Celebration. When: Tuesday, Sept. 12, beginning at 2 p.m. Where: Pida Plaza. Students and staff celebrate UNLV’s diamond anniversary with a school spirit rally with desserts, a photobooth, gift bags, and enjoyable. President’s State of the University Speech. When: Thursday, Sept. 14 at 2:30 p.m. Where: Judy Bayley Theatre. Media: Coordinate with UNLV Media Relations at -LRB-702-RRB- 895-3102.
UNLV President Len Jessup offers his 3rd annual update on the university.
During this special 60th Anniversary address, President Jessup will recall at UNLV’s history, discuss its amazing improvement, and forecast its intense future.

UNLV Dance Announces 2017-18 Season– “The In Crowd””.

UNLV Dance reveals its 2017-18 season. For tickets, check out the UNLV Performing Arts Center box office or call 702-895-ARTS (2787). Season subscriptions with a savings of as much as 20 percent are offered, as well as individual tickets. Discount rates are offered.

In Orchestra 3
Oct. 20-21

The first concert of the year resumes the UNLV Dance and the UNLV Orchestra “In Orchestra” series. UNLV Dance will team with the UNLV Orchestra to provide Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Rather than simply reconstruct the initial ballet, the goal of the work is to gather a group of choreographers and tell the conventional story though the lens of many dance styles and categories, consisting of ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, modern dance, hip hop, and folk dance. “In Orchestra 3” also will bring members of the UNLV department of theatre into the mix by reciting some of Shakespeare’s original text throughout piece. “In Orchestra 3” will be presented in the Artemus W. Ham Auditorium.

Efficiency highlights:

Features Dance and Full Orchestra.
This is a new variation of the classic ballet Romeo and Juliet. A mixing of dance styles, genres, and kinds, with choreography by UNLV Dance faculty (Cathy Allen, Victoria Dale, Margot Mink Colbert, Richard Havey, Louis Kavouras, and Dolly Kelpecz-Momot) and guest artists (James Jeon, choreographer in house at Seoul Ballet Theatre; Jiyeon Kim, dance faculty at Korea National Sport University; and Jaesun Lee, dance professors at Korea National Sport University).
Music by Prokofiev performed by the UNLV Chamber orchestra under the instructions of Taras Krysa.
Lighting by Elizabeth Kline, with video forecasts by Beth Mehocic.
The production also will bring UNLV department of theatre into the mix reciting some of Shakespeare’s original text throughout the piece.

In Between
Nov. 16-19

November promises an amazing collection of dances from the bachelor of arts dance majors. “Between” presents these operate in the Alta Ham Fine Arts Dance Studio One, HFA, Space 111.

Efficiency Emphasizes:

Bachelor of arts majors choreograph this series of pieces. UNLV has been acknowledged by Backstage Magazine for its high-caliber choreography program.
Victoria Dale also will provide a work in this performance that later on will represent UNLV at the International Association of Blacks in Dance International Conference.
Dance artist-in-residence Kristine Keppel will provide a modern-day dance work in this show.

In Composition
March 2-3

UNLV Dance always has actually had a deep regard for original music composition. This is reflected in the department’s having a music composer-in-residence on its full-time faculty. Teacher Beth Mehocic will team up with UNLV School of Music structure faculty members Jennifer Bellor, Charles Halka, Diego Vega, and Cynthia Wong, in addition to dance professors choreographers Cathy Allen, Margot Mink Colbert, Victoria Dale, Richard Havey, Dolly Kelepecz-Momot, and Louis Kavouras to develop the performance “In Structure.”

“Interactions,” a new work composed by Mehocic, will feature an efficiency by Nancy Uscher, dean of the College of Fine Arts, with choreography by Louis Kavouras. “In Structure” will exist in the Judy Bayley Theatre.

In Stride
April 26-29

The season ends with “In Stride,” a collection of works choreographed by the bachelor of fine arts majors in dance performance and choreography. This program will be presented in the Alta Ham Fine Arts Dance Studio One, HFA, Room 111.

Season tickets are now on sale for $15 per performance at the UNLV Carrying out Arts Center ticket office, conveniently situated on the northeast end of school attached to the south face of the parking garage. Maps and instructions are offered online. Individual show tickets also may be bought for $18 over the phone by calling (702) 895-ARTS (2787) or online at the PAC ticket office website. Discount tickets are readily available to elders, military members, all trainees, UNLV professors and staff, and UNLV alumni. Discounted season tickets are priced at $8 per efficiency and specific efficiency tickets are available for $10.


Oct. 6: Louis Kavouras will present excerpts from Erick Hawkins’ work “Plains Daybreak” as part of the Barrick Museum Celebration of the Arts occasion. The department of dance likewise will provide a movement improvisation at this occasion.

Oct. 3: James Jeon, choreographer in residence at Seoul Ballet Theatre in Seoul, South Korea, will provide a master class for regional talented ballet trainees. This class will be followed by a performance by Jeon, Louis Kavouras, Jiyeon Kim, and Jaesun Lee of the work they just recently created and presented at the Yeonsu Five-Sense Dance Project in Korea.

Quick Take: Why the Aug. 21 Eclipse is A Big Offer

On Aug. 21, for the first time considering that 1918, a total solar eclipse will take a trip coast-to-coast throughout the whole United States, from Oregon to South Carolina. Here UNLV astrophysicist Jason Steffen talks about why this solar eclipse is such a huge deal, what we will see from Las Vegas, and ways to see it safely (No, sunglasses won’t suffice).

What is a total solar eclipse?

An overall solar eclipse takes place when the moon blocks the whole sun, and casts its shadow onto the Earth. Though an overall solar eclipse is the rarest kind, there are other types of eclipses where the moon just obstructs part of the sun (a partial eclipse), or when the moon is not able to block the entire sun (an annular eclipse). This last kind of eclipse happens since the moon’s orbit isn’t really an ideal circle– in some cases it is more detailed to the Earth and in some cases further away. When it is farther away it appears smaller in the sky than the sun and the sub appears as a ring or “annulus”. When the moon is closest to the Earth, and passes between the Earth and sun, then you will get an overall solar eclipse like the one we will see.

Why is an overall solar eclipse such a huge deal?

They are a huge offer for a few reasons. Initially, they just happen over inhabited locations once every couple of years. Before the days of flight, it would be an once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Second, they are something that everybody can both see and value. And, 3rd, they are quite stunning to look at.

What time is the Aug. 21 solar eclipse?

In the Las Vegas area, the eclipse will take place mid-morning, mainly during the 10 a.m. hour. The complete eclipse procedure will occur over about 2 hours from the beginning (ingress) to the end (egress). The totality lasts just a couple of minutes, and you would need to be in Oregon or Idaho to see it at that time. From Las Vegas, we should have the ability to see an eclipse of about 75 percent.

What are we visiting that day?

Throughout an overall eclipse, the moon comes in between the Earth and the sun. With the sun’s light obstructed, you are able to see the diffuse, upper layers of the sun’s atmosphere (called the corona). The corona is enormous in size and is rather attractive. We simply can’t see it since it is less bright than the sun’s noticeable surface area. On the day of, it will get dark (much like an overcast sky) directly under the shadow. The sky will be dimmer during the eclipse, even if it is just a partial eclipse, as though the sun went behind a thick cloud. The sky will not turn completely dark due to the fact that we can see the sky over parts of the country where the eclipse takes place at a various time. So, the sky will still be relatively bright– there will just be less direct sunlight.

Will the whole country be able to see at least part of the eclipse?

Yes, the entire country will be able to see at least a partial eclipse. There is a good eclipse map that shows the percentages and bumpy rides across The United States and Canada.

What eyewear is suggested to view the eclipse?

Sunglasses are not OKAY. There are eclipse glasses that you can find online, but make sure you inspect your source. Alternatively, with relative ease, you can make a pinhole electronic camera utilizing a shoebox and some aluminum foil (again, look online). You can establish field glasses on a tripod or a small telescope to predict the image onto a screen– just don’t browse them. NASA has an eclipse website with more info.

Are solar eclipses simple to anticipate?

Yes. Forecasting eclipses was one of the primary tasks that astronomers provided for the last 2,000 years. With our existing technology, predicting eclipses is quite simple to do. Solar eclipses happen a couple of times each year, but overall solar eclipses happen just every few years, and given that the Earth is mainly ocean, they are not always simple to see.

When will the next solar eclipses be over The United States and Canada?

It appears like there will be eclipses over some parts of North America in 2024 (Texas to New york city), 2044 (Montana and Canada), and a great one in 2045 (California to Florida).

Why do these things capture people’s imaginations?

Due to the fact that the sun, the moon, and the Earth are fantastic. You have a blazing hot ball of plasma, one million times the volume of the Earth and 10,000 degrees Farenheit. It is briefly obstructed by a gigantic, self-gravitating rock the size of North America. The shadow is cast 250,000 miles away onto another ball of rock, this one with a piece of habitability less than 10 miles thick and upon which there are 7.4 billion members of a types able to both appreciate how gorgeous the situation is and understand how everything works.

I believe that being humbled by the universe influences gratitude for life– and gratitude is good medication for whatever ails you.

Is this as big a deal to scientist like you as it seems to be to amateur stargazers?

No, not truly. We have instruments on the ground and in space that permit us to study the sun without needing the eclipse. But, solar eclipses have been used in the past for many essential discoveries. For instance, Einstein’s theory of gravity was validated utilizing star positions during a solar eclipse.

Was there an astronomical occasion that stimulated your interest in this field?

There was an eclipse when I remained in elementary school. We all made pinhole video cameras and went outside. However it was overcast that day and we didn’t get to see anything. I have actually seen 2 transits of Mercury and one transit of Venus. However, what truly got me going in astronomy was my introduction to astronomy class my first year of college.

New Face: Liz Kahane

When Liz Kahane joined UNLV as associate director of advancement for the Graduate College, she knew she ‘d have the opportunity to support students’ scholastic pursuits. What she didn’t know was what does it cost? desire there ‘d be to attempt brand-new things, thanks to UNLV’s entrepreneurial spirit.


The neighborhood and the connection with Southern Nevada. I have had the chance to fulfill alumni all over the valley, and they really drew me to UNLV. It’s fantastic to hear their stories and how they make our neighborhood lively.

Why the Graduate College particularly?

The college deals with more than 5,000 students in more than 145 graduate programs. I enjoy the variety of programs and scholars, along with the chance to connect with alumni, donors, and friends of UNLV who want supporting trainees and the organization. The Graduate College core worths and directing principles of quality, equity, variety, chance, and impact resonate with me. I was thrilled to discover the work the college does supporting our trainees throughout their academic journey, consisting of offering funds for graduate students and expert advancement.

What about UNLV strikes you as different from other places you have worked?

I love the entrepreneurial spirit at UNLV. You do not hear that things need to be done a particular method because they have always been done that way. There is a good deal of openness to originalities and attempting new things. That makes for a really exciting environment of which to be a part.

Where did you mature and what was that like?

I matured in Watertown, Massachusetts, which is best outside of Boston. It’s a remarkable place to grow up. You’re close to the ocean and the mountains along with museums and excellent music– not to mention the sports teams. I have actually always been a Red Sox fan, though lately I have actually delighted in going to root on UNLV and the 51s.

What inspired you to get into your field?

It has constantly been essential for me to support the location in which I live, so getting a chance to be part of the UNLV community and supporting a regional public institution was a fantastic suitable for me. Education can be really transformational for students, and I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute as an advancement specialist.

Complete this sentence, “If I couldn’t work in my present field, I would like to …”.

Teach outdoor wilderness abilities to teens. You can find out so much about yourself and develop a great deal of self-confidence spending quality time outside, so I believe it would be fun to share that with young people.

Tell us about a time in your life when you have actually been daring.

I matured rowing and was on the crew team in college (at Dartmouth). After I finished, I wasn’t sure ways to remain in shape. I delight in being outdoors and active, so I chose to pick up running. I have actually never ever been much of a runner, so I jumped right into training for my very first marathon. Six marathons later on, my times have not enhanced much, however I still take pleasure in racing.

Leisure activities or pastimes?

I like to play golf! I’ll admit I was not really enthusiastic when I started playing but then I captured the bug. I attempt and go out as much as I can. Year-round golf is one of the important things I enjoy about living in Southern Nevada. I likewise take pleasure in hanging out at Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston.

What cannot you work without?

I’m ashamed to state that my father-in-law recently sent me a fidget spinner, and I discover myself playing with it all the time when I remain in my workplace.