CCSD says '' unsubstantiated ' school shooting hazard being investigated

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017|10:10 p.m.

Authorities are investigating an “unsubstantiated” risk that has actually spread out online about a possible shooting at a minimum of one valley school, just like reports from other 5 states, inning accordance with the Clark County School District.

“Some of you have connected to us about an unverified hazard that has actually been distributing online about a possible school shooting today,” the school district announced on its Facebook account. “We are dealing with our regional police partners to examine this danger.”

There have been similar risks in five other states, authorities stated.

An examination has started and continued Wednesday night, authorities stated. “It is already a hard time for our community– thank you for your patience and assistance.”

The hazard was received days after a shooter eliminated lots of performance guests and wounded hundreds more during a c and w festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

Further information were not immediately readily available.

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