Centrists may have a new house

Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018|2 a.m.

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What a fantastic Christmas gift by David Brooks with the Dec. 25 column “A new political center being born.”

He stated that an extensive report by the Niskanen Center (established by a group of former libertarians) describes a new centrism based upon what the authors call “a free-market welfare state design.” They discovered that “the nations that have the freest markets also have the most generous well-being states.”

Even more, “without strong income supports that put a flooring underneath displaced employees and systems that smooth the transition to new work,” people turn versus the system. “At the exact same time, they desire an open, vibrant society,” lowered “limiting zoning and land use regulations that prefer the abundant,” and see immigration “as essential to America’s long-lasting success,” along with “schools with larger choice but with strong government structures to guarantee quality.”

He concludes with the observation that the report’s authors “make a compelling case for small amounts; for understanding that politics is striking a rough however practical balance in between contending items.”

Like David Brooks, I am heartened that I may have a political home. Let’s spread the word.

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