Change opens another Las Vegas information center


Thanks to Change The Las Vegas 10 data center will open Thursday, June 15, 2017, at Change’s Core School in southwest Las Vegas.

Thursday, June 15, 2017|5 a.m.

Innovation company Switch is once again expanding its footprint in the Las Vegas Valley with another information center.

The Las Vegas 10 information center opens today at Switch’s Core Campus in southwest Las Vegas.

The 350,000-square-foot, 40 megawatt-facility increases the company’s Core School to a total of more than 2 million square feet of information center area with approximately 315 MW of power.

Like Las Vegas 8 and 9, Las Vegas 10 was built and will operate to the Tier 5 data center requirement.

“Change creator and CEO Rob Roy is a technology futurist who has actually created and patented among the highest-rated information center systems to handle the huge growth of the internet of absolutely whatever,” stated Lesley McVay, Switch executive vice president of information center services.

“The internet doesn’t stop growing, and neither does Change,” McVay said. “We expect to continue to fulfill the amazing development needs of our clients, not only at the Core School in Las Vegas, but across the nation.”

About 1,000 construction workers– 85 percent of whom were Nevada residents– were used constructing the information center over the previous 8 months.

The Core School has actually been broadening since its beginning in 2008, utilizing countless employees over the previous years.

Switch’s clients include MGM Resorts International, Zappos, the state of Nevada, Amazon Web Provider, eBay, Marvel, Fox, DreamWorks, PayPal, Hulu, Warner Brothers, NASA and Verizon.

In May, Change announced it broadened its reach into the southeast U.S., where it is developing a 1 million-square-foot Prime Data Center campus in Atlanta.

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