Cheat Codes has a hit on its hands with ‘No Assures’

All it takes is one hit to break through, and Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford and Matthew Russell have it. The LA-based electronic pop trio known as Cheat Codes teamed with Demi Lovato for “No Guarantees,” an addictive, danceable hit that’s progressively climbing up Signboard’s Hot 100.

The song has precisely the right sound for the present radio minute, and Lovato, whose “Sorry Not Sorry” is also soaring up the charts, is the best musical partner. “We played a show with her in São Paolo, and when we returned to LA, there were great Brazilian fans who were saying we ought to work together and Tweeting at her a bunch,” Russell describes. “We had this song and sent it to her group– she was the only one we sent it to– and she liked it. It just took her a couple hours in the studio to knock it out. It was truly cool dealing with her, so relaxed and chill, however she’s been doing it for so long it’s most likely simply second nature.”

Cheat Codes has another new song coming out this month, however Russell is keeping quiet on the information, saying just that they’ll play it at Intrigue Thursday night. Now that “No Promises” has actually exposed this group to brand-new audiences, they’re wanting to capitalize by releasing all different types of new music.

“Honestly, we just have numerous tunes that we need to have a huge meeting and choose how when we wish to put them out,” Russell says. “No matter what, we are certainly dealing with a larger body of work, whether it’s an EP or an album. We actually wish to deal with a three-part album that showcases each people individually as well as a group, since all of us come from different musical backgrounds. And you can see that in the method we do our shows, since we like to play some eclectic things that you do not anticipate to go together.” Cheat Codes at Intrigue at Wynn, October 12.

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