Cops: Teen high on psychedelic mushrooms killed Northland teen by running him over with his automobile


A 17-year-old young boy high up on psychedelic mushrooms has actually been charged in the death of another teen in the Northland after running him over with his car, according to authorities.

Jacob David Mustoe has been accuseded of first-degree involuntary murder in the death of 17-year-old Jake A. Wehmeyer. His bond has been set at $200,000.

Cops were called about 4 a.m. Sunday to the 9400 block of North Kentucky Opportunity on a reported disturbance. When officers got here, they discovered a vehicle that had actually owned through a closed garage door of a house.

Wehmeyer was also found dead at the scene. He was lying partly under the automobile in the driveway. Wehmeyer would have been a senior this fall at Liberty High School.

Court records state officers saw proof of s battle with holes in the walls and blood throughout the basement and first flooring upon getting in the home.

Next-door neighbors told authorities that the family had actually gone out of town and the house owners’ 2 boys, Wehmeyer and his 14-year-old brother, had been left at the house.

While examining the crime scene, officers were approached by Mustoe’s mother who stated her boy had come home and informed her that Wehmeyer needed assistance. The female described her son’s lorry, and officers identified it was the vehicle involved in the occurrence.

Officers then responded to the 8900 block of North Lewis Avenue and contacted Mustoe who had evident injuries leading officers to think that he had actually been the motorist of the automobile that had struck the victim.

Mustoe was positioned under arrest and required to a location health center for small injuries. He was then taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Court records state Mustoe told investigators he was under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms the night of the occurrence at Wehmeyer’s home and entered an argument which intensified to them throwing billiard balls at each other.

Mustoe stated he then left the house and walked to his car parked up the street. He started the lorry and immediately sped up, heading south on Kentucky Avenue. He told detectives that he intended his car toward Wehmeyer’s home, intentionally owning into the yard of the next-door neighbor and driving towards the home.

He said he did this due to the fact that he was high up on the mushrooms and believed “whatever would be OKAY” even if he hit your home, inning accordance with court records.

Mustoe said he then saw Wehmeyer standing in the grass of the next-door neighbor’s lawn attempting to inform him to decrease. Wehmeyer was aiming to inform Mustoe to stop, however it was too late, and he struck him.

Court records state after Mustoe hit Wehmeyer and the garage door with the vehicle, he said he went inside the house and passed out. When he woke up, he saw Wehmeyer unresponsive, pushing the ground under his vehicle. He then ran to the neighbors and attempted to obtain help and after that ran back inside where he started to damage property and ran into walls, causing holes in the drywall.

Mustoe then went to his home where he contacted this mom then showered and changed his clothes.

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