Court upholds firing of North Las Vegas law enforcement agent

Thursday, June 25, 2015|12:08 a.m.

Carson City–.

The Nevada Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld North Las Vegas’ decision to fire law enforcement officers Lazario Ruiz for making false statements about his brother’s involvement in a burglary case.

The court overturned the decision of District Judge Valorie Vega who had ruled the treatment was faulty in dismissing Ruiz for untruthfulness and less than professional conduct.

Ruiz existed when his brother Tony confronted Oscar Talamantes, a brother-in-law, over money in August 2009. After the argument, Tony Ruiz ripped 2 gold chains off the neck of Talamantes and fled. Talamantes reported a robbery to authorities.

North Las Vegas authorities maintained that Officer Ruiz was within 2 feet of the incident, never made a cops report or made any effort to stop his brother. He maintained he did not see the encounter.

During the examination, Ruiz gave 4 statements that the city stated were untruthful.

An arbitrator confessed the 4 statements in his review of the case and ruled the termination was proper.

Judge Vega held that the four statements of Ruiz violated the Policeman’s Costs of Rights and ruled in favor of the officer to return to his job.

The court ruled that there was considerable evidence to back the decision of the arbitrator and taht Judge Vega abused her discretion in judgment in favor of Ruiz.

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