Criss Angel on his Hollywood Stroll of Fame star and his future in Las Vegas


Chelsea Lauren Criss Angel joined one of his early idols Harry Houdini when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on July 20, 2017.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017|2 a.m.

Doing 10 shows a week in your own theater on the Las Vegas Strip leaves precious little time for quick trips to Los Angeles, however Criss Angel was able to carve out a few hours last week– to get a star on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity on July 20. I caught up with the star illusionist of Criss Angel: Mindfreak Live at the Luxor the day after the most prominent of home entertainment honors to talk about how essential and surreal that experience was, in addition to sign in on his future plans in Las Vegas and beyond.

Of all the awards and recognition and accomplishments you’ve accumulated in your long career, where does this one rank? No. 1. Due to the fact that if you consider the magnitude of exactly what it means, there are 2,614 stars on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity, and if you consider all the unbelievable stars and performers from the small screen and the cinema and the phase, all the little novelty acts and all the plain amazing artists in the entire home entertainment landscape, that’s not a lot of individuals. To think that I’m 2,615 is really pretty remarkable. It’s such an honor to have that bestowed upon you.

And the fact magic is such a micro-speck of sand in the big beach of entertainment, to have the rest of the home entertainment world reveal that sort of respect for exactly what I do is the greatest compliment. When it ends up being advertised in pop culture to the degree of getting this recognition, it’s a pretty big thing for magic total and truly celebrates the wonderful arts and how it links to people. That’s what Houdini personified, which’s why he has a star.

And Houdini’s star is right across the street from yours. Does that add to the meaningfulness? Yeah, it’s astonishing. He’s best throughout the street on the primary boulevard, and I’m ideal beside the [Hollywood] Roosevelt Hotel that has housed a great deal of séances on the roofing and the 10-year vigil after he died. I never ever imagined anything like this; it’s truly quite amazing and I’m extremely grateful.

You flew out Wednesday night, did the ceremony and the entire thing on Thursday then came right back to Vegas to do your show. Are you going to return quickly to visit your star for some quiet reflection? It was tough to find a moment to take it in a real way. I was so overloaded … a lot of unbelievable Las Vegas entertainers got on a plane to be there for me and it was such a gorgeous thing. To review it in a more intimate method was impossible, however it was nearly surreal. When you work so hard for so many years– I have actually been doing this given that I was a kid, so it took me 18 years to end up being an overnight success– then have one moment like this, you can’t really describe in words how it overwhelms with feeling.

In Vegas, you remade your program into Mindfreak Live a little over a year earlier and it continues to be popular. What’s the next relocation for you? We’re really blessed to have the best-selling magic program in the world, an exceptionally favored show that really gets in touch with individuals on a psychological level. My current contract expires Oct. 31 next year, and I will have completed 10 years. I have a great deal of different, exciting opportunities. In September I’ll be [carrying out] in Buenos Aires for a week, and in November and December I return to my 2nd house at Foxwoods [Resort Casino in Connecticut] to perform. We’ll see exactly what takes place. I do about 450 shows a year in between touring and the Luxor, and based upon the success of the show [in Vegas], I have a great deal of chances now.

Do you wish to remain in Las Vegas, at the Luxor or somewhere else, or with this program or a various production? I wish to take the program to the next level, whether I move or remain at the Luxor or go to another gambling establishment or take it on the roadway. At this moment, I don’t know. We’ll need to see. I’m vetting the various possibilities to attempt to see exactly what makes one of the most sense for my profession. I’m at the point now where I can select what I wish to do.

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