Desalination is the response

Friday, Dec. 7, 2018|2 a.m.

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A current article in the paper discussed Lake Mead and the action essential to continue drawing water from it if the lake drops another 125 feet.

With all of our unchecked advancement taking place, the very first thing that must be thought about is how to build a desalting plant in distance of the Pacific Ocean and Southern Nevada.

The second area of concern is how to move the water from the desalting plant to Lake Mead.

Spending a billion or so dollars in this location is a lot less scary than having a dry Southern Nevada.

Now that the Democrats are in control, I know they will stop the out-of-control, foolâEUR ™ s-gold thinking about the Republicans.

I am a retired civil engineer from California who moved here to downsize from a 10-acre horse ranch to a senior community. I love the excitement the Las Vegas area supplies.

I personally saw the out-of-control advancement produced in California by the Republicans, and that is among the primary factors for the blue wave in both states.

I believe if we stop quarreling and begin collaborating, we can get the increasing ocean waters to areas in need of water.

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