Discussing the Heart of Education Awards, ‘Madam Secretary’ and more with Erich Bergen


Erich Bergen goes back to Las Vegas, and Cabaret Jazz,

have a deep connection with Las Vegas. The experienced actor and entertainer is cozily entrenched on the East Coast where(in Brooklyn)he movies Madam Secretary, the CBS political drama starring Téa Leoni as the secretary of state. However Bergen is most likely still best known for his efficiency as Bob Gaudio in the movie version and touring production of Jersey Boys, a favorite Vegas program at the Venetian for years. Bergen is back in the area today, performing at the Smith Center April 30 and Might

1 after hosting the second-annual Heart of Education Awards there on April 29. We overtook him just recently to talk TV, the arts, George Michael and more. How essential was it to come back to Las Vegas to host the Heart of Education Awards again, an occasion which acknowledges regional instructors who have exceeded and beyond for their trainees? Well, my schedule is extremely chaotic these days. We’re basically filming all year, July to April. As soon as that hiatus hits, it depends on me to fill that time, however it’s tough to find jobs that fill that time perfectly and fit into that area. However I jump at any opportunity to get back to Vegas. I enjoy it there, I love the Smith Center, and this event is very important. I believed it was such a terrific idea when Myron [Martin] pitched it to me last year, especially since I was just a terrible student maturing, just

dreadful. Possibly this is my sort of civil service I’m doing to make up for that. I only lived in Las Vegas for two years in 2008 and 2009 however for whatever factor, I really fell for the neighborhood there and got associated with numerous projects aside from Jersey Boys. I simply felt really in the house there, and found a terrific community of individuals, especially artists, and I like returning and being able to honor that. Even if you were a bad trainee, you need to have had some teachers that truly made an effect. It’s amusing, I was just speaking with among my buddies, she and I matured

together, and she’s a teacher, and she was informing me that right now on the planet it’s a really confusing time to be an instructor … not even if of the Trump administration and things like that, however due to the fact that kids are maturing quicker than when we were kids. We do not have the tendency to listen to instructors as frequently as we should. As bad a student as I was, there were a handful of teachers that did get across me and made a substantial influence on me that I feel every time I step on phase. Primarily art instructors. However that’s another idea, that we need to listen to art instructors as much we do math teachers because they are making a difference in children’s ‘lives in more methods than we realize. What can we get out of your Smith Center shows? When I carry out in concert, I want to turn it into a celebration. It ought to constantly be about the audience and not the artist. You

must seem like you had a great time and are leaving various than you was available in. I’m not the best singer in the world but I aim to be a vessel for fantastic home entertainment. I try to do shows that are intense and fun and uplifting without being annoying. I love fantastic melodies and lyrics, and the playlist in my head is whatever from Gershwin to Donna Summertime to Weird Al Yankovic to Jay Z. I try to mix it up and spit out something that is uniquely me, but there is a vintage feel to it … it will have an old fashioned Vegas feel to it however it’s not Rat Packy. I’m not pretending to be Sinatra. It’s a huge show. How’s life on Madam Secretary, which is in its third season? It is my first TV program so I’m more comfy now, obviously.

The interesting thing just recently is we’re doing a show about federal government while the government on the news is more remarkable than we are. So we need to think about producing significant tv that is worthy of watching when there’s stuff we couldn’t even consider to write and create is happening simply a few channels over and that is apparently genuine. That’s on our minds right now. However what’s excellent about it is it’s not simply another show about federal government, it never has been, and this show has a new meaning now. Many critics in the start believed this is a very finely veiled [take] on Hillary [Clinton], and we have actually proven them wrong, so now we have this other thing, to describe who is our Madame Secretary now in the face of this [administration] You have actually likewise handled to suit the VH1 Conserve the Music Structure benefit concert to remember George Michael, too, in New york city. How did

this event happened? This has a little bit of Vegas connection, too. My whole life, my hero was Michael Jackson. He was my most significant inspiration as an entertainer. When Michael died, I had a strong desire to do something in Vegas to celebrate him, and George Maloof ended up contributing centers at the Palms and the community kind of rallied together in an enormous method and we put on this giant show on his birthday the year he passed away. We raised$ 100,000 for music education programs in Clark County public schools. It was an incredible thing to see. George Michael may not have had as much influence on me as a performer, however I was reading a buddy’s

Facebook page the day after he died, and there was this long essay about how crucial George Michael’s music was to him and why he fell into it. I simply thought, all right, I know ways to do this, so I called my pals and we put something together and went to VH1 and they loved it. Then we offered it out. It’s not that I remain in business of doing tributes to super stars of the ’80s, but I believe what has the tendency to happen with these often controversial artists is we focus on their mess and I’m more thinking about their message– what they needed to state when they were here. So let’s go back and pay attention to the music. Erich Bergen performs at the Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz space on Sunday, April 30 at 1:30 p.m.; and Monday, May 1 at 7 p.m. Tickets are$39- $65 and readily available at 702-749-2000.

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