DJ Joe Green keeps the energy high for the Vegas Golden Knights

Unless you’re a born-and-raised native, you might not truly understand what it suggests for our city to get its first big league professional sports group.

For Green Valley High graduate Joe Green, it indicated learning all about hockey and being consistent. The outcome is a dream gig of sorts: Green is the official DJ of the Vegas Golden Knights.

He initially discovered of the unconventional DJ task while spinning at the Venetian’s V Bar and bumping into San Francisco 49ers Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. When the NHL announced it would expand to Las Vegas, Green committed himself to obtaining included.

“Each week, all week for a year I was researching everything, searching for any info I might find about who was getting employed and connecting to them,” he states. He also logged plenty of hours viewing hockey video games and getting a feel for the video game and the league. “I didn’t know anything about hockey other than you can fight till someone hits the ground, which’s pretty much it.”

Green, who has been DJing for 12 years and can also be heard on local radio at 104.3 NOW FM and hosts Saturday-night celebration the Rapture at Downtown’s Vanguard Lounge, finally broke through and scored an audition with the Knights at the 2017 NHL Awards. He got the gig and started meeting with the group’s production crew to assemble in-game playlists, when he’s spinning from the Fortress high in T-Mobile Arena.

“I had to desert my first list, because I got some different vibes during the preseason,” Green says. “When you’re DJing at a club or a bar, you have to build up while you feel out the crowd, however with this you need to understand exactly what instructions you want to go. If it doesn’t work, you need to have a strategy to enter a various instructions.” He says most hockey arenas rely greatly on rock music, but he’s blending in EDM, remixes and mashups.

“It’s surreal. I do not even seem like I’m doing it. There have actually been numerous minutes where I’m like, wow, it’s a sold-out arena and the very first time we’ve had a team of our own to root for. This is insane. This is our thing.”

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