Dozens apprehended after looting throughout Cyclone Irma

The Miami Police Department released a photo of suspects caught looting during Hurricane Irma. (Source: Miami Police Department)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/14880402_G.png "alt=" The Miami Cops Department launched a photo of suspects caught looting throughout Typhoon Irma. (Source: Miami Police Department)"

title=” The Miami Authorities Department launched an image of suspects captured robbery throughout Typhoon Irma.( Source: Miami Police Department )” border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > The Miami Police Department released a photo of suspects captured looting during Hurricane Irma.( Source: Miami Authorities Department). FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.( AP/MEREDITH )– Cops in Florida have actually jailed numerous people who were caught looting throughout Cyclone Irma. Fort Lauderdale Cops Chief Rick Maglione said a group caught stealing tennis shoes and other goods from a sporting items shop and pawn store was detained Sunday as the storm roared across South Florida.

Maglione called the concept of stealing tennis shoes during a typhoon “a relatively bad life option.”

Regional TV images revealed the supposed looters running in and out of a shop through a broken window bring boxes of tennis shoes.

The Miami Cops department also snatched a group of looters and shared an image of the suspects behind bars with the caption:” Thinking of looting? Ask these guys how that (turned) out. #stayindoors.”

It wasn’t right away clear exactly what charges those arrested would face.

Thieves likewise targeted empty homes during the hurricane. Fort Lauderdale cops posted the images of suspects Ryan Cook and Max Saintvil, both 28, who are accuseded of 6 counts of theft. The break-ins reportedly happened Saturday night.

” Be guaranteed the Fort Lauderdale Police will be out in full force up until this crisis passes,” the department composed on its official Facebook page.

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