Eight-year-old Hailey Dawson Completes Her “Journey to 30”

What started out as a confident but insane dream will come true on Sunday thanks to the determination of a little lady and her moms and dads, the heart of the MLB, the dedication of a UNLV college student, and a tweet by Bleacher Report.

Hailey Dawson was born with Poland Syndrome, which triggered the fingers on her right hand to be underdeveloped. Professors and students from UNLV’s Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering have actually been working with Hailey considering that she was five to develop and print robotic hands to help her grab, grasp, and throw.

” Seeing Hailey, she’s just a little woman doing her thing and having fun– shows to anyone that there are no reasons; anything actually is possible,” said Maria Gerardi, mechanical engineering college student who has actually been dealing with Hailey’s hands given that nearly the start. “It’s an excellent sensation to know my four years of effort have led here. I’m so humbled.”

Hailey and her family have used their love of baseball to accentuate Poland Syndrome and the capacity for cost-effective, 3D-printed prosthetic solutions for children. Hailey tossed out her first pitch at a UNLV Rebels video game when she was five-years old. Pitches for the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals followed. Then, last fall, the Bleacher Report got Hailey’s story and Tweeted out a video asking all MLB groups to help her meet her goal of throwing away the first pitch at all 30 parks.

They all responded “yes,” and the Dawson household invested spring and summer circumnavigating the nation, commemorating America’s favorite leisure activity and informing the general public about Poland Syndrome.

” It took this community of people to assist a then five-year-old develop her self-confidence and self-confidence to where she is now at eight,” stated Dawson. “It took this neighborhood to help Hailey motivate other kids and grownups. UNLV did this for her. Major League Baseball did this for her. All 30 groups, the gamers, and personnel did this for her. Her friends and family did this for her. Hailey’s self-confidence and favorable spirit will continue to grow and the possibilities are limitless for this kid born with Poland Syndrome.”

Because of the publicity Hailey’s story has actually received, other households are now dealing with UNLV and their own regional universities to develop solutions for their kids.

On Sept. 16, Hailey will her total her “Journey to 30” at Angels Stadium when she throws away the first pitch prior to the Los Angeles Angels take on the Seattle Mariners.

Celebration at Rebel Homecoming Festival

UNLV will continue to commemorate Hailey’s accomplishment with alumni, staff, and the general public from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Oct. 18 throughout UNLV’s Rebel Homecoming Celebration. Visit the College of Engineering’s cubicle on the Academic Mall between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. to celebrate with Hailey, and other time during the celebration to see the hands and fulfill trainees and professors who have dealt with them.

You can also follow Hailey’s experience on Facebook at @unlvengineering, on Twitter at @haileys_hand and @unlvengineering, and on Instagram at @haileys_hand.

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