EPA cuts raise health dangers

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017|2 a.m.

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Nevadans understand the worth and value of a healthy environment and tidy energy for the advantage of current and future generations. Because of its devoted residents, Nevada has actually made substantial efforts to decrease coal dependency and preserve the health of our neighborhood and treasured lands.

Our development in becoming a renewable energy powerhouse and improving environmental health conditions is now under hazard by the decrease of moneying to the EPA by 31 percent and by the potential repeal of the Clean Power Act.

These legislative actions might have disastrous results on human and environmental health. We count on the EPA to make sure that our water, air and soil are safe and will enable us to live healthy lives. With reductions in expense, there will inevitably be less tracking and fewer employees to look out for our neighborhoods. We need to take it upon ourselves as a neighborhood to require tidy energy and protections for our health from our government.

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