Ex-fiancee of GOP project manager states he made her his sex slave


The ex-fiancee of a prominent GOP project advisor implicated him of making her into his sex servant and abusing her.

Benjamin Sparks, 35, dealt with Cresent Hardy’s campaign and Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign. Authorities reacted to a domestic violence incident at his ex-fiancee’s home on March 29 where they found likely cause to jail him for domestic battery.

FOX5 spoke to the victim but is keeping her confidential since she is a victim of sexual and physical assault.

“Ben comes off as really charming, has a Texas accent, is extremely lovely and essentially, explained an alternative lifestyle extremely different than anything I had actually ever experienced and stated life has to do with exploration, I would never ever make you do anything you do not wish to,” the victim said.

She said their romance moved quick, and when he approached her with an agreement to be his sex servant, she was hesitant. She stated Stimulates was captivating, however, and described the contract as a formality.

“‘This contract is really symbolic and I do not desire you to be terrified of it,’ he said. I was very hesitant but he was extremely charming he’s really manipulative. He knew precisely what to state,” the victim said.

She said whatever seemed typical and he was considerate of her borders described in the agreement up until they got engaged.

“He would spend days at work not doing anything but texting me these pages and pages and pages of needs,” the victim stated.

The demands were things the victim never ever agreed to in her agreement and she stated she began to realize he was going to make them occur whether she liked it or not.

“At a particular point, I understood that it wasn’t a fantasy, that he totally planned to make these things happen,” the victim stated.

She said things started to get a growing number of abusive.

“He really, during sex, struck me so hard. It resembled right in my eye socket location. I began seeing these really weird spots and then began seeing flashes of light,” the victim said.

On March 29, she stated she aimed to make Triggers leave her house.

“Tensions were building and stress were constructing and I finally said you just have to get out you just cannot be here I cannot do this and he got me by the neck and knocked me versus the wall.”

He left the home and they later satisfied in Stone City to talk. The couple made up and returned to the victim’s home. Later that night, the victim saw Sparks acting aggressive again. She stated she aimed to leave and he blocked the doors.

“I didn’t call police because I understood it would impact his career, I understood it could have an impact on mine, so I figured at some point he’s gon na go to sleep, at some time I’ll have the ability to get out,” the victim stated.

She stated when she lastly did aim to sneak out, he got violent, called the cops, informed them she was suicidal, then left the home. Police got to the home and took pictures of the victim’s injuries.

Later that night, the victim said Triggers called her and begged her not to talk to police and to drop the charges. She told him she wouldn’t lie to police.

Now, it’s her goal to make sure nobody else is ever stuck in a situation like that with Stimulates again.

“I would never want exactly what I went through on my worst opponent,” she said.

A source near Hardy stated Triggers worked for a company that Hardy utilized however that Triggers was never ever in fact paid by the campaign.

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