First Uber motorists start transporting passengers in Las Vegas, establishing problem with Clark County

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015|1:42 p.m.

Although a state panel validated policies that legislated ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft on Monday, Clark County tried to stop briefly the long-awaited launching of the companies in Las Vegas at a conference today, saying that they would not be allowed to operate without company licenses provided by the county.

However the business showed no signs of backing down. Shortly after the meeting ended, at least 2 Uber drivers were getting rides, according to its app. Lyft has yet to launch, however a spokesperson stated the company is “confident” it will begin this week.

Although state regulatory authorities given final consent Monday, Clark County has yet to produce the legal structure to release company licenses. The county presented an ordinance at its conference today that would create a brand-new classification of company license, arranging a hearing for Oct. 20.

Both Uber and Lyft have actually dealt with the county on business license issue for weeks.

Tensions rose throughout the conference. Kelly Kay, Lyft’s vice president of compliance and payment, stated the business was receiving blended messages from state regulators and regional policymakers.

“I’m incredibly dissatisfied,” Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak stated in response to Kay’s statement. “That that would be your statement is beyond stunning to me.”

Uber launched in Las Vegas last October however suspended its operations after an injunction in November.

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