Fox News analyst Tomi Lahren credits UNLV for much of her success


She’s been on some of the most viewed programs in the United States and she even worked to assist get President Trump chose. However conservative superstar Tomi Lahren got her start at UNLV. The 25 year old graduated from UNLV in 2014, and in a couple of brief years became one of the fastest rising political analysts.

Tomi Lahren stated she knows she’s questionable.

“I One Hundred Percent support President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military,” Lahren stated. She stated she doesn’t care what individuals believe.

“I cover things that are controversial. That’s alright. I’m willing to take the backlash. I’m putting myself out there, so I ought to want to take it.”

Before she was racking up millions of views with her Last Ideas sector on FOX News, Lahren was an aspiring journalist at UNLV.

“Reflecting on it, I wish I would have known the best ways to make use of eyebrows at the time. I look back and I’m like, I believed I was appealing. I was not.” “Looking back, all of us have our old videos we see. And hey, you know I had no eyebrows, whatever … As is life.”

Her move to Las Vegas for college was the top place she lived besides her house town of Rapid City, South Dakota, population 78,000.

“My home state will never vote for exact same sex marital relationship and I believe that has to be left up to the public,” she stated. “For me, leaving South Dakota, I tried to find a place so various and immerse myself in something so different. That’s why I picked UNLV.”

“You can tell which among your trainees are diamonds. They simply have to be polished and they will be super stars, and Tomi was one of those individuals,” Lahren’s former professor at UNLV Mary Hausch said. At UNLV, Lahren hosted and produced a political segment called The Scramble.

“This is a hot button issue for me. I originate from South Dakota. We have lenient guns laws and we don’t have the criminal offenses we’re seeing in Connecticut and New Jersey,” she said.

Even as a young university student, Lahren made her opinions known.

“The majority of my professors were liberal; surprise surprise, however I learned how to manage that without losing my voice.”

Lahren said Hausch was among her favorite professors.

“Tomi was very conservative then and more trainees in the class were either indifferent, middle of the roadway, or liberal. There were not many with the conservative viewpoint and she did not care,” Hausch said. “Some individuals would say after class, “That woman is insane! She’s arguing about why she must hide carry her gun.”

Lahren took exactly what she discovered at UNLV, and unlike many aspiring reporters, she didn’t go to a small town to start her career.

“I got my task at One America 2 months before I finished college in fact. I went in looking for an internship. I stated I’ll do anything for you, I’ll write for you, I’ll do anything need be. I went in met with Robert Herring. He gambled on me a possibility nobody else would have taken.”

In Aug. 2014, just months after graduating from UNLV, On Point with Tomi Lahren premiered on One America News.

After leaving One America, Lahren operated at The Blaze and 3 years after graduating, she had her dream job.

“This is every conservative’s dream to be at FOX, at least mine. I didn’t think it would take place when I was 25.” “What I have actually learned looking back at The Scramble, however I learned I did best when I was myself, when I was me.”

Her rising popularity and very singing viewpoints have actually made her an exceptionally polarizing political commentator.

“I’m better when I’m myself and I’m able to be myself. Now I’ve discovered this specific niche. I’m not trying to be an anchor or reporter. I’m just attempting to be Tomi,” Lahren stated.

“She might sit down today and go to work,” Hausch said.

Tomi Lahren has been held up as an example for aspiring college reporters.

“All the faculty understand who she is. She was a standout student. She was an A trainee,” Hausch stated. “She was a good individual. She was compassionate, she cared about individuals.”

Lahren said she hopes she functions as a motivation for every UNLV trainee following in her steps.

Young boy I hope (I inspire others),” Lahren said. “I get flak and they do not know about UNLV, and they say ‘Oh you have a UNLV education,’ and I have actually done pretty well myself with that UNLV education.”

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