Get to know the psych warriors of Wand prior to they attack the Bunkhouse

Who: An LA five-piece with close ties to Ty Segall (he released Wand’s very first LP, 2014’s Ganglion Reef, on his Drag City sub-imprint, God? Records), Mikal Cronin, the Meatbodies and Together Pangea. Frontman Cory Hanson– in addition to drummer Evan Burrows– may be familiar to Las Vegans; they served in Segall’s support band, The Muggers, last year, on a tour that stopped at the Bunkhouse for a remarkable, moshpit-inspiring, Neon Reverb-capping performance. Because forming in 2013, Wand has launched four full-length albums, together with a smattering of split singles and collection tracks– all of which need to be spoken with a little stage in an intimate space.

Spin: Start with second record Golem (2015), which lays out Hanson’s songwriting strengths: mad garage-rock and mind-bending psychedelic pop– often swirled up within the very same track. Highlights from that disc consist of trippy head-banger “Self Hypnosis in 3 Days,” pounding punk exercise “Drifting Head,” climatic, downtempo track “Melted Rope” and “Planet Golem,” which sounds a bit like Black Sabbath playing in your neighbor’s basement.

Now: Wand begins a 24-date North American trip September 23 in its home town, one day after releasing album No. 4, Plum. The record marks something of a departure– Hanson welcomed his bandmates to contribute tunes this time, which may describe why Plum leans less toward Ty Segall and more to the poppier side of Tim Presley’s White Fence. “It’s definitely the most varied of the Wand records, and it’s the most exciting for me,” Hanson recently told Stereogum. “It’s a little frightening, too … a lot of fans are worried about us keeping some heavy qualities. But we’re just in a various state. … I think it’s musically more difficult and intriguing.”

Wand with Darto, The Acid Sis. September 25, 9 p.m., $10. Bunkhouse Saloon, 702-982-1764.

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