Guy passes away in City custody after incident on Las Vegas Boulevard

Sunday, May 14, 2017|7:19 a.m.

Metro Authorities are examining the death of a guy in authorities custody Sunday early morning after an event on the Las Vegas Strip.

Inning accordance with City, uniformed officers had tried to stop the adult male early Sunday when the male fled. As police offered chase on foot, City said, the guy aimed to enter a private car, requiring officers to taze him.

Still not able to obtain the guy to comply to orders, officers then utilized a neck restraint to control him, cops stated. The man passed out and was transferred to a location healthcare facility where he was later on pronounced dead.

The in-custody death is being reviewed by City’s Force Examination Team & & Important Occurrence Evaluation Team. Authorities stated officers applied a department-approved technique called “lateral vascular neck restraint” to manage the guy.

The incident took place soon before 1 a.m. on personal property at 3353 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

No other details, consisting of details on the male, are readily available, cops stated.

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