Hearing for whorehouse owner set for May 17

Wednesday, Might 3, 2017|11 a.m.

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A show cause hearing has been set for May 17 to resolve a set of code offenses including six woman of the streets at one of Dennis Hof’s Nye County whorehouses.

The matter, briefly discussed by the Nye County Commission on Tuesday to set the show cause hearing, concerns claims that 6 woman of the streets out of 12 working on Feb. 11 at the Area 51 Death Valley Cathouse in Amargosa Valley did not have existing work permits or present medical exams.

Nye County codes need every working woman of the street in a brothel to complete a medical examination every 7 days and to be signed up with the Nye County Sheriff’s Workplace on a quarterly basis.

The Area 51 Death Valley Cathouse is enabled to have 5 woman of the streets working at a given time, and Hof said that only six girls were actually working– five on duty and one on standby to fill in others’ days off. The others had their cards in a drawer onsite, but were not present at the time of the February evaluation, Hof stated.

Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen, who called the allegations as major as he’s seen associated with whorehouse infractions, initially wished to set the date for the program cause hearing for May 8, but time restrictions among involved departments postponed it. The county commission has actually a routinely arranged meeting on Might 16, however members said that the meeting was currently filled.

Hof faces possible suspension of his license and fines for the infractions.

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