Heck: Immigration reform talks ought to consist of birthright citizenship

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Thursday that bequest citizenship must be on the table in the wider discussion about migration reform.

The 3rd Congressional District Republican made the remark to press reporters after speaking at a breakfast sponsored by the Las Vegas City Chamber of Commerce. The event drew about 200 individuals to the Vdara.

Heck is seeking his party’s election for the Senate seat of Harry Reid, D-Nev., who is not seeking re-election in 2016. Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is looking for the Democratic nomination and has Reid’s support.

The race is shaping up under a broader national background, the conversation of migration reform that has dominated the presidential race. Republican front-runner Donald Trump, for example, has gotten prevalent interest by requiring completion of the due citizenship arrangement in the 14th Modification of the united state Constitution. That provision offers citizenship to babies born in the united state even if their moms and dads are in the nation unlawfully.

Heck was noncommittal about whether birthright citizenship should change.

“I think it needs to be part of the conversation,” Heck said. “People want to discuss immigration reform so if we’re going to discuss immigration reform, then let’s talk about all aspects of migration reform. Let’s come up with a system of immigration that works for Americans. So I believe it should be part of the conversation.”

Heck stated the migration discussion ought to consist of other elements such as border security, e-verify and a path to legalization for citizenship.

“Everything that everyone wants to talk about relating to migration must be on the table so that we can come up with a response that ideally will put the question to rest … about a migration system that works for everybody,” Heck stated.

Asked about Trump, Heck said “I do not discuss Donald,” adding that he’s focused on his district.

Heck said he has a good relationship with Latinos and those relationships “will endure no matter exactly what other individuals outside of Nevada state.”

Heck took concerns from the reader.

Inquired about Yucca Mountain and its function as a repository for high-level nuclear waste, Heck said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission hasn’t yet made a decision on whether it’s safe or not safe.

“The objective for me is to make sure that the security and security of Nevadans is secured despite what the decision is,” Heck said.

Inquired about the Interstate 11 job, Heck said the huge concern is funding. The task would provide a freeway between Las Vegas and Phoenix, and eventually extend between Mexico and Canada. He said he wants to see a modification that would permit large business that buy infrastructure bonds an added reward of being able to repatriate their money tax-free. That would allow them to transfer funds back into the united state from other nations.

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