Henderson Fire rescues lost hiker, pet amid heat in Sloan Canyon area

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015|6:54 p.m.

. A hiker and a canine were treated for heat stress and dehydration after they were saved today in the Sloan Canyon National Preservation Location, south of Democracy Drive, according to the Henderson Fire Department.

Likewise according to the Fire Department:

The woman, 28, had actually been treking with her Rottweiler/boxer/mastiff mix-breed pet dog for several hours when it suffered lacerated paws. She attempted to bring the 75-pound canine to her automobile however ended up being lost and tired out, then called 9-1-1 about 2 p.m.

. The female was not on a marked path and couldn’t give her particular area. Firefighters searched for her using an off-road vehicle, along with on foot, and discovered her walking in a wash about a half-mile from the path. The pet was found farther up the wash.

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