Here'' s why Obama renamed Mount McKinley

President Obama’s decision to remove former President William McKinley’s name from the nation’s highest peak isn’t skyrocketing to great heights with everyone. Particularly, Ohio lawmakers.

I’m disappointed with the Administration’s decision to alter the name of Mt. McKinley in Alaska (1/5)

Re-examing longstanding traditions

President Obama’s reasoning to change the name of the peak to “Denali” originates from the mountain’s historical Native American title. In returning Mt. McKinley to its native title, Obama insists he is attempting to undo exactly what he views as historical injustices. Regrettably, the name modification highlights how honoring the traditions and sacrifices of one group can come at the cost of another group.

To some, changing the name of the peak is the current example of our nation’s longstanding traditions coming under fire.

This summer season, an argument over the Confederate Battle Flag brewed after Dylann Roof, a presumed white supremacist, killed African-American worshipers participating in a bible research in Charleston, South Carolina. In the wake of the massacre, the Confederate Battle Flag was gotten rid of from South Carolina’s state Capitol grounds. As well, significant sellers made the decision to pull Confederate flag-related merchandise from their inventories.

More over, numerous Democratic groups have actually recently opted to drop “Jefferson-Jackson” from the name of their yearly dinner celebration. The decision to remove their surnames from the supper party title is since both Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were slave owners.

Legacy of President William McKinley

The peak has stood as Mount McKinley considering that 1896. As such, the battle over altering the peak’s name isn’t really anything brand-new between Ohians and Alaskians.

Alaska’s politicians have actually long pushed for the modification to re-name the mountain “Denali,” after its local name.

Today we are honored to acknowledge America’s highest peak formally as Denali, or ‘The Great One.’

Ohioians, on the other hand, have continually combated the name change. Legislators in Ohio want the legacy of previous President William McKinley to be maintained. They insist that removing McKinley’s name from the mountain is an insult to such a critical Ohio politician.

Pres McKinley was a pleased Ohioan, and the mountain was named after him, as a way to bear in mind his rich tradition after his assassination (2/5)

There’s a reason Pres McKinley’s name has served atop the greatest peak in North America for more than 100 years …

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