Hitting the roadway with comedian Kathleen Madigan


Luzena Adams Kathleen Madigan returns to the stage at the Mirage.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017|2 a.m.

Comic Kathleen Madigan is a fan of Las Vegas, and not even if she’s been performing here considering that she was in her early 20s.

In her current look on Jerry Seinfeld’s regularly humorous web series Comics in Automobiles Getting Coffee, she snuck in a terrific little line supporting Las Vegas’ superiority as a vacation destination, about how taking a cruise is “like going to the Bellagio and after that it just drifts away.”

“I don’t have any need to drift away,” says Madigan, who just recently made the cruise ship rounds for a comedy trip. “I see no reason for us to leave medical services, authorities, fire, just remove yourself from the important things that make society society. And you’re sailing through places you actually wish to be, so it’s just ridiculing you. Take a look at that beautiful island! Now return on the ship.”

Madigan feels much more in your home onstage in Vegas, where she’ll perform at the Terry Fator Theater at the Mirage on June 23 (find ticket details here). She started on the Strip at the Catch An Increasing Star funny club when it was at Bally’s, also hanging around at the Funny Stop at the Trop and the Improv at Harrah’s. “I think it’s totally cool that I get to heading the Mirage and my face is up there, since I keep in mind being a more youthful comedian and seeing George Carlin’s name up on the [Vegas casino marquee],” she states. “I simply stated to my sister how bizarre it is that I’m at the Mirage, due to the fact that it generally took me 25 years to obtain throughout the street. But I did it, and it’s something I take pride in myself for.”

A confessed Midwesterner originally from St. Louis, Madigan doesn’t mind the touristy audiences for Vegas funny, rather revealing appreciation for the variety of Americans who appear. “I like it, although some individuals do not. In some cases it’s not the most comedy-sophisticated audience due to the fact that funny is a cheaper ticket in Vegas than whatever show might be playing [in the gambling establishment] If I’m on the roadway in a place like Philadelphia, individuals aren’t randomly buying a ticket, they pertain to see me. However that’s fine, I do not care.”

Madigan is a true stand-up veteran– she’s been doing it for 28 years and has actually shunned TELEVISION and films for touring and recording specials like her most recent, Troubling Jesus, on Netflix– who still wants to strike the road as much as possible. “All I have actually ever wanted to do is take a trip,” she says. “I aimed to be a flight attendant till I recognized I might tell jokes. I just truly like going. I simply scheduled Casper and Gillette, Wyoming, and I did Nonessential [in South Dakota] in 2015 and it was amazing, exactly like the HBO program. Crazy awesome. It’s simply enjoyable for me, leaving the airplane and knowing nothing.”

As long as it’s traveling by aircraft, train or automobile … no more boats. “Right, as long as when I call 911, something will happen,” Madigan chuckles. “I was on the cruise liner with my buddy Lewis Black, and I informed him, do you understand what they finish with dead people on this ship? If somebody passes away? They put them in the freezer until we get house. That’s it. Forget it.”

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