How the federal government shutdown may affect your tax return

When the federal government formally ran out of cash for the , lots of aspects of federal government needed to shut down– that includes the IRS.

Even while the IRS is shut down, some vital services will continue to run. Any activity supported by funding that does not end at the end of the fiscal year continues to work in addition to anything deemed needed– like protecting federal government home or securing human life.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t include your tax return.

As long as the government is shut down, no tax returns will be released and any extended shutdown could delay your income tax return. Automated services are still working, so you can still file your return online.

Forbes reports a list of pertinent Internal Revenue Service services that will be postponed during the shutdown:

No tax refunds issuedNo processing of non-disaster relief transcriptsNo processing of forms 1040X, changed returnsNo non-automated collectionsNo audit or evaluations (some exceptions apply) No whistleblower office activity

And here’s a list of services that will continue to run even throughout the shutdown:

Processing of returns with paymentsE-filingMailing tax formsAppeals (statutory due dates will not be changed) Call centers (only throughout filing season) Civil and criminal tax casesCertain interactions to taxpayersActive criminal

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