Ice Cube, president of Raider Country, accepts relocation


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=” /wp-content/uploads/2017/05/BIG3_-_Draft_Photos_-_Ice_Cube_t653.JPG” alt =” Image”/ > Courtesy of Big3 Raider fan Ice, revealed at his 3-on-3 basketball league’s draft at World Hollywood on April 30, 2017, says, “It’s a perfect team and (Las Vegas is) an ideal market and a best image for football.”

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Marcio Jose Sanchez/ AP Rap artist Ice smiles before an NFL football video game between the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014.

As associated with the Raiders as the team’s pirate logo, Ice is the self-proclaimed president of Raider Nation.

From his days with rap group N.W.A. making the team popular with the street culture, to rocking their gear in different films as well as producing an ESPN documentary on the Raiders, “Straight Outta L.A.,” no one is a bigger fan of the silver and black than Ice.

At the draft for his 3-on-3 basketball league, the Big3, on Sunday at the World Hollywood, Ice Cube spoke with the Sun about how the Raiders fit in Las Vegas and why he chose the city for not only the draft for his league however the champion this summer season at T-Mobile Arena.

Exactly what was your reaction to the Raiders being authorized to relocate?

I enjoyed for Vegas, sad for Oakland. If the Raiders cannot come to L.A., the only town that I would anticipate them to be in is Las Vegas. When they came to Los Angeles in the early ’80s, it was amazing for the city. The city galvanized around the group, which’s going to take place here in Las Vegas. I’ll be here, you know, being the president of the Raider Nation. I got ta go where my group go.

I’ll be here cheering them on. The entire town is excited, and absolutely nothing brings a city together like a sports franchise.

The Raiders fanbase appears like it will go anywhere the team goes. Why is that?

The spirit of how the group was put together, the spirit of Al Davis, to put a team together that was everything about winning– that’s what individuals are. We’re bottom-line individuals. That truly resonates with fans, then you add a pirate in the mix and you got everyone engaged. It’s a best team and a best market and a perfect image for football.

How does Las Vegas fit in the Raiders culture?

They’re right up the Raiders Nation street here (in Las Vegas). If the team might go anywhere, this is the location. It just seems like the Raiders. Las Vegas is a town that is everything about winning, and the Raiders are everything about winning. It ain’t really about how you get there, it has to do with becoming a champion.

Is relocation to Las Vegas simpler because the Southern California fanbase is better?

Without a doubt. Raider Nation is big. You have numerous individuals going from L.A. as much as Oakland, so you’ll have that exact same quantity of people coming out here to Vegas.

Why did you select Las Vegas not only for the combine and Big3 draft, however for the finals also?

It’s an entertainment mecca. We seemed like it would be terrific for the guys to come to a location where they can enjoy themselves as well as prepare yourself to play some great basketball and hopefully get drafted. We felt like this was a fantastic spot. We’re having the championship here at the T-Mobile Arena on Aug. 26, so it resembles let’s start here then return to the scene of the criminal activity for the champion.

Players said that having you associated with the league made it that much more legitimate. What does that say about you and your location in basketball culture?

I think I have actually done things right in my profession. I take this (Big3) very major. I’ve really overlooked a few of my films and music to make sure this is right, and I believe they trust my brand name and they understand I wouldn’t come to them if I wasn’t willing to make it right.

Is among those films you’ve been neglecting the next installment of the “Friday” series?

Nah, that’s in the works. It’s just harder than exactly what individuals believe to create.

Will the NBA sign up with the mix in Las Vegas?

That’s really up to the NBA. I make certain that Vegas would love it. This has ended up being a huge sports town right now.

So your league is a 3-on-3 league. Who’s on your dream 3-man team?

Give me Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

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