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Robin Leach participates in the show tour stop of Shania Twain on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, in San Diego.

Monday, Aug. 24, 2015|2 a.m.

Robin Leach at Shania Twain in San Diego
Robin Leach attends the concert tour stop of Shania Twain on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, in San Diego.Introduce slideshow “

Shania Twain: ‘Still the One’ Opening Night
Opening night of Shania Twain's Launch slideshow “

SAN DIEGO– Previous country rock Caesars Palace superstar Shania Twain commemorates her 50th birthday today, yet looks and acts half her age with remarkable, continuously and almost 2-hour vigor for her “Rock This Country Tour.”

At San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center on Saturday night, she dazzled with a humdinger of a knockout, power-punch performance. Rockers in their 20s wish that they had her enthusiasm and energy.

Backstage afterward, as we share birthdays one day apart (Aug. 28 and 29), Shania had champagne and two bombshell birthday statements for me:

* Her existing U.S. and Canadian trip won’t be ending in a goodbye.

* She’s chosen that a 2-year return residency to Las Vegas is back in her strategies.

It was our very first interview considering that last December at Caesars when she talked about the possible trip.

“The tour is tiring, however I’m enjoying it. It’s ended up being much more meaningful than I thought it would be. Many youths are turning out. We are getting a fascinating cross-section of people in our audiences that makes it actually terrific.

“Twenty years back, I had father and mothers bringing their children, and now they have actually ended up being grown-up college kids and bringing their father and mothers my age. I love viewing individuals and their responses while I’m onstage singing to them.

“It’s going so well that I’ve decided I wish to extend it. I’m not ready to stop. We’re currently discussing going onto Europe at some time.”

Shania’s glitzy, pyrotechnic-filled show in San Diego was her very first here in 11 years and the 47th of the now reached 75 that will end in October in her home nation of Canada.

“All my buddies at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas offered me a map revealing the very first leg in red, and now we’ve included a brand-new marker line in orange for the new American and Canadian cities,” she stated showing me a picture of the travel schedule.

Her trip with 15 equipment trucks for noise, lighting, video and rigging devices consists of 100 individuals in crew buses and her silver bus. Production authorities employ another 200 in crew at each stop along the path.

“Initially, I have to complete the new album this fall. Six tracks are already completed. I have actually written 38 tunes in overall, and now the process is underway to narrow that down to another six or eight to finish recording.” It would be her first album given that 2002’s “Up.”

“Then Europe and maybe add Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I have to take it stage by stage. However the perfect circumstance is to come back to Las Vegas. I would love to return to Las Vegas and do another number of years in a residency.

“Las Vegas and the run at Caesars Palace ended up being a nice surprise because we suched as Las Vegas a lot. Everybody was so great there. There was always lots to do there. We felt extremely comfortable living there.

“It was a wonderful experience from start to complete. It was really effective all the way around. I was so nervous about opening there. I believe I over-rehearsed to soothe my nerves.”

Shania Twain Press Conference at Caesars
Fashion designer Marc Bouwer (in suit and tie), singer Shania Twain and director Raj Kapoor (suit, no tie) attend a press conference at Caesars Palace on Friday, Nov. 30, 2012.Introduce slideshow “

Shania Twain Comes to Caesars Palace
Shania Twain arrives horseback at Caesars Palace on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012.Launch slideshow “

Her two-year run at Caesars Palace ended last December. On Sunday night, Shania performed in Fresno, Calif., and after that flew straight through the night to her home in the Bahamas.

“I’ll get home by 7 a.m. Monday with about one hour to spare to put my child into the start of the brand-new school year. I’ll have time to change– but perhaps still in my stage makeup,” she included.

“We have 2 1/2 weeks off, but my voice is sounding so strong I wish to continue vocal singing. On Wednesday, we’ll start recording the continuing to be next album tunes prior to resuming the trip in mid-September.” (Sept. 12 in Spokane, Sept. 13 in Portland and Sept. 15 in Boise.)

After it covers Oct. 22 in Prince George, B.C., she’ll complete the cd and prepare for Europe. “We could return to Las Vegas next fall, 2016 or early 2017. I would be really pleased to be back in Las Vegas,” the top-selling female artist verified.

“This tour has been a genuine celebration reuniting with fans in their own home towns. That’s something I hadn’t done for a years. This is the most dynamic program we’ve ever done, totally various from our Las Vegas run.”

The concert is an intense, rock-themed assault from the get-go, with the seven young members of her six-man, one-woman band raising the roof with G-Force as she opens atop an illuminated glass rising 30-foot platform The opening fireworks and lighting are so remarkably bright, blazing and blinding, she puts on red-tinted sunglasses for the first number.

“It’s actually hot with the explosions. Everyone scrambles to hit their marks so that we remain in front of the flames. Fortunately, the heat goes directly up.”

She continued: “It’s been really satisfying in that we’ve been able to contribute $1 from every ticket offered to our Shania Children Can charity, and we have actually currently added two more schools to the program in cities we have actually been to, another one in the next two months and most likely two more before it draws to a close.”

The eye-popping computer system graphics of the two illuminated neon tigers towered over her for one number and the videomontage of her positioned in many red outfits as if they were fashion pages torn from Vogue were mind-blowing.

It was all genuinely great, and as long time San Diego Union-Tribune music writer George Varga noted: “Enough making a KISS gig appear virtually underrated by comparison.”

Gavin DeGraw was her rip-roaring opening act right here and joined her midway through her set for an explosive “Celebration for 2” duet, which she initially tape-recorded with Billy Currington.

She didn’t disappoint fans who came for her hits that consist of “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under,” “Still the One,” “Come on Over,” “From This Minute On” and the encore with “Man! I Feel Like a Female.”

At one point, she mounted a brilliantly colored horse saddle and atop a rotating crane “flew” skyward almost into the arena rafters above the cheering crowd. She likewise fell to the audience guarded by 4 strong security guards aboard a rolling, glass-enclosed cart– call it the Shaniamobile success lap!

She got hold of an iPhone connected to the end of a selfie stay with sing “Any Guy of Mine” as she traversed the arena with the video broadcast on the huge, above-stage screens.

The noise was deafening– nearly louder than the surge 2 days earlier in L.a that had actually brought her concert to a standstill 3 songs except the end.

“I’m simply thankful that I wasn’t up on the saddle when the power failed. I ‘d have been stuck 60 feet up in the air. I have no idea how I would have gotten down. I’m buckled in up there, however I might have been left hanging, take off my boots and come down on a fireman’s rope ladder!

“Be assured that we had a technical meeting the next morning to go over how we ‘d deal with that emergency situation if it ever occurred once again,” she laughed.

Shania brings beauty to the production with that fierce mane of blonde hair, amazing Rolling Stones and AC/DC shirts, black fringe leather jacket, brief shorts and four modifications of thigh-high leather boots.

She’s as leggy as a flamingo and shows off her lovely gams becoming a virtually one-piece, S&M-style, high-cut, gleaming sequined swimwear with tactically positioned glossy metal for her sexiest-ever repetition performance.

I loved her “Nobody Have to Know.” I liked her offering the band a break for her to sit alone on the edge of the stage to sing while she played her guitar. But most of all, I liked” I Ain’t No Quitter.” She proved that in Las Vegas resuming after a nine-year absence when she literally lost her voice, and she showed it once more Saturday night in San Diego.

The Queen of Nation Pop experienced dysphonia after her other half had an affair with her best girlfriend. They separated, and she ended up being consoled by the girlfriend’s other half, Frederic Thiebaud, who went on to marry her.

With a promise to extend her trip and now a hoped-for return to Las Vegas, she summarized for me as we toasted each other with birthday champagne: “I’m having the time of my life. I remain in good spirits and having a lot fun.”

There’s no way that this femme fatale is calling it stops despite the fact that she will start her next 50 years. This is not her huge farewell tour.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous” fame has actually been a reporter for more than 50 years and has actually spent the previous 15 years providing readers the within scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum play ground.

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