Interview: Kendra flying high as '' Sex Tips ' show gets great news

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017|2 a.m.

. If your first time acting in a play live on stage led to that play getting an extension from a three-month go to an eight-month run, you ‘d be quite hyped up about it. And so is Kendra Wilkinson. The previous Playboy design and star of popular reality series “The Girls Next Door” and the current “Kendra on Top” co-stars with Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Person”) in “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Male” at Paris Las Vegas, a wild and funny production that made its Vegas debut in Might.

“It’s the first big change in my career and I’m loving every minute of it,” states Wilkinson. “This is my very first rodeo, my very first time on phase carrying out in front of a live audience, and there couldn’t be a better scenario than kicking it off in Las Vegas. It’s an amazing sensation.”

I consulted with Wilkinson about her new enthusiasm for acting, the future of the program, her family’s reaction and more as she gets ready to keep “Sex Tips” in peak kind through Jan. 2.

Is it possible that the show could be extended once again deeper into the new year? That would definitely need to be discussed. I have two kids and an other half and a life out in LA, and mother can just be chosen so long! But the very first three months of the program just wasn’t enough. It feels like we just began making a big splash and I don’t believe anyone was ready for it to end. And now there are some modifications pertaining to the program and we actually want to see the development and make those modifications occur and really get the feel of exactly what it implies to do this play in Las Vegas.

Is it tough to spend this much time in Vegas far from your household? It takes 2 incredibly dedicated moms and dads to really interact in order to do something like this, although the 45-minute flight makes it easier. We’re a team. However Vegas is my kids’ 2nd home. They come out on their breaks and they’re very thrilled for me and this huge change in my life. They’re rooting me on like everyone else.

When did you reach the point where you felt really comfy on stage? I believe I got that first program under my belt and the rest was gravy. We rehearsed for a lot of hours and that opening night was the one I needed. Now it’s fun and I’m not nervous. My goal for the first show was to be best, to not ruin one line, and I did it. Now I’m in fact becoming my character. I’m fine with making mistakes and the Vegas audience is really liking it when that happens.

It took a while for the audience to understand that this was a play and not some sort of Kendra show. Everyone states this format doesn’t work here. It’s a play but it moves. There are only three characters, it’s got a fantastic little story, and it’s more of a conservative play than people think. There were individuals who thought it was a Q&A with Kendra, however that’s One Hundred Percent incorrect. I play a character named Robyn who’s very shy and doesn’t quite know what she’s gotten herself into, but she opens up at the end.

Is this function opening new doors for you in the acting world? I am all set to take on the acting world. I didn’t understand if I might do it or not, due to the fact that I’ve just done little things in TELEVISION or films playing myself. I am so delighted playing someone else. I have actually spent 13 years playing Kendra on TELEVISION and I’m just having the very best time doing this, and being challenged is the enjoyable of it.

You just completed another season of “Kendra on Top.” Are you going to take a break from reality TELEVISION eventually? It’s so fascinating how much I have actually found out these last few months on stage. I’m beginning to realize your inner-most feelings and feelings, all your pain and all the important things you think are the funniest, everything you have actually ever experienced goes into your work as a star. So I’m having fun opening myself up and finding brand-new ways to play the character, and learning that the responses are inside of me. At the end of the day, it’s an escape. However I can’t put [truth TV] on hold since that’s my life. My show is not scripted, and it’s following my journey now into this acting world. My TELEVISION programs have actually followed me all around the nation for many years, having children and marrying and they belong of me, they’re my home movies. They’re just connected to me. It resembles composing a narrative however on a TELEVISION platform.

“Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Guy” performs Thursday-Tuesday at 7 p.m. (with extra 11 p.m. shows on Saturdays) in the Anthony Cools Showroom at Paris Las Vegas. Discover more details at

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