Kid of El Chapo tweets picture with guy believed to be left father

If you’re one of Mexico’s many infamous drug lords, fresh from getting away prison, exactly what do you do next?

Program up on Twitter, possibly.

A Mexican official stated Monday that he believes a picture posted online by the child of Sinaloa cartel chief JoaquĆ­n Archivaldo Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo,” does in fact include the desired fugitive. But that doesn’t indicate it shows where “El Chapo” is or reveals when the image was taken.

A post last Monday to an account believed to belong to El Chapo’s kid, Alfredo Guzman, features a picture of the 29-year-old flanked by two men whose faces are obscured by emoticons. The mustachioed guy sitting to Alfredo’s right at a restaurant appears like the drug kingpin. The post says: “Pleased here, you already understand with whom.”

The place tag in the photo is Costa Rica. That could suggest the Main American nation or the town in Mexico’s Sinaloa state where “El Chapo” is based. Or it might be absolutely nothing beyond a ruse to throw off authorities.

And as to the timing of the image, the only thing for specific is that it went up online a week earlier. That’s eight weeks after Guzman stepped into a shower and slipped into a tunnel to escape from the maximum-security Altiplano Federal Jail.

Yet, the Mexican authorities explains, there is no chance to know precisely when the photo was taken.

Regarding where, the same official does not think it was in Costa Rica– regardless of exactly what the area tag suggests.

Marco Monge, a spokesman for Costa Rica’s Office of Judicial Investigation, has told CNN that officials in his country believe the place refers not to his country however to the Mexican town.

Daniel Lee, a spokesman for the Mexican chief law officer’s office, has actually stated that his federal government is “familiar with the image.”

Understanding about the image is different, though, than comprehending everything about it. El Chapo’s child may have made a mistake, or it might have been put out there to throw off or ridicule authorities.

Guzman has two times gotten away from jail– investing 13 years on the lam till his February 2014 arrest. That first escape stimulated some to urge that he be shipped to prisons over the border in the United States, lest it occur once again.

Mexico is providing a reward of as much as 60 million pesos ($3.8 million) for information causing El Chapo’s capture.

And last month, the U.S. federal government revealed benefits of approximately $5 million for information causing his arrest. Guzman has been charged with drug trafficking and relevant crimes in numerous U.S. federal courts, consisting of ones in Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Illinois, New york city and Florida, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Both sides state they’re looking hard for him, though DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno stated her company would not discuss specifics concerning this hunt.

“Chapo is among the world’s most powerful organized crime figures,” Carreno said. “And, as such, (he) has remarkable resources at his disposal.”

CNN’s Ray Sanchez, Nick Valencia and Rafael Romo added to this report.

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