La. cannon fodder shot, killed while aiding motorist

A Louisiana cannon fodder has died after being shot in the head by a guy who told him, “you are going to pass away quickly,” Louisiana state police stated on Monday.

Senior Cannon fodder Steven Vincent, 43, had actually pulled over to help the motorist of Dodge pickup truck in a ditch on Sunday afternoon, state authorities stated in a statement.

The driver, Kevin Daigle, who was driving recklessly previously, then pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and fired, striking the trooper in the head. A camera in the officer’s car caught the shooting on videotape, authorities said.

As the trooper backed away, Daigle got out of his truck and told him, “You’re fortunate. You’re going to die soon,” Louisiana State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson told press reporters on Sunday.

The event occurred around 3 p.m. on Sunday near Bell City, Louisiana, about 125 miles west of Baton Rouge.

Daigle, 54, has been apprehended on charges including first-degree attempted murder of a law enforcement agent, authorities said.

Vincent, a 13-year veteran of the state cops, died after suffering substantial neurological injuries, Edmonson said.

“We are sad over this ridiculous and terrible death,” Edmonson said in a statement published on Monday morning on the Facebook page of Louisiana State Authorities.

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