Las Vegas men deal with more than 100 felony charges in criminal offense spree, authorities attacks

Prosecutors stated Wednesday that they have included lots of charges versus men implicated of making use of taken automobiles to ram police vehicle.

Hugo Carbajal Jr., 27, Francis Carbajal, 26, and Edgar Medina, 35, initially were accuseded of 47 counts consisting of theft, grand larceny and assault with a lethal weapon. Medina and Hugo Carbajal now deal with 113 felonies each, according to an indictment. Francis Carbajal now deals with 103 felonies.

District attorney Giancarlo Pesci said that as police continue an “exceptionally broad” examination much more charges could be handed down.

Chief Judge David Barker bought Medina and Hugo Carbajal held on $945,000 bail, and Francis Carbajal held on $910,000 bail.

The Carbajals and Medina are believed of being the ring leaders among six males accused of committing 20 to 25 felonies per night for the past few years, mostly automobile thefts and thefts.

Cops stated that while browsing the Carbajal house they discovered taken home, including all-terrain cars, tools, go-karts,.50-quality rifles and other weapons.

Defense attorney Johnathan Leavitt, who went to an indictment hearing Wednesday representing Hugo Carbajal, said he prepared to request a bail decrease.

“My client keeps his innocence in all of this,” Leavitt stated.

Recently, cops think, the group stole vehicles, rigged them by putting something heavy on the accelerator and aimed them toward patrol cars belonging to the Bureau of Land Management, Metro and the Nevada Highway Patrol. Those incidents– six overall– started April 29 and took place up until late July.

Three other males, Ivan Gonsalez, 29, Abel Elizalde, 29, and James Farnan, 23, likewise deal with felony charges in connection with the duplicated ramming of patrol car.

The vehicular missiles didn’t always strike their mark. One rammed into an officer’s next-door neighbor’s automobile. And on July 22, authorities said, the group aimed a car stolen in Mesquite the night before at an officer carrying out a traffic stop near Bermuda Road and Starr Opportunity. The vehicle missed the officer and hit a pole.

5 days later on, authorities said, the group used a stolen truck to ram an NHP parking area in a cannon fodder’s driveway at Desert Shores, near Cheyenne Avenue and Rampart Boulevard. The vehicle was hit so hard it went inside your house, and the truck caught fire.

In late July, Metro launched surveillance video of the group it said was ramming patrol cars. Citizen ideas assisted lead to arrests less than two weeks later on.

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