Lauren Ruth Ward brings edgy, distinct style to Emerge

In this weekly series, we spotlight the performers and other participants who will integrate for the Emerge Effect + Music Conference on the Las Vegas Strip November 16-18. Tickets are available now at

Lauren Ruth Ward beams with creativity and self-confidence. Her voice is smoky, raspy and delivered with ironical wit. Her design? Equal parts Grace Slick and Marc Bolan, a formula longed for by every vintage-loving lady in LA.

. Raised in Baltimore however residing in LA, Ward has been compared vocally to Courtney Barnett and Janis Joplin, and while those 2 singers may appear dramatically various, all of it in some way makes good sense. Combine Ward’s rock ‘n’ roll expertise with her pop perceptiveness and you’ve got a singer who might provide Florence Welch a run for her loan.

“Pal, I don’t require you, I can make love to myself/If you think I’m lonesome, you’re lying to yourself,” Ward sings on “Make Love to Myself,” a tough-as-nails track off her upcoming full-length debut Well, Hell. But that tune reveals just one side to the diverse singer, whose music covers a breadth of emotions and styles.

“I was a classic-rock kid paying attention to what my parents listened to,” she states of her influences. When she was 16, Ward’s stepmother gave the vocalist her vinyl collection, and she’s been drawn to rock ‘n’ roll ever since. “I have actually constantly been emotional and drawn to the guitar because I was a kid,” she includes. “I would simply sing about my life and my thoughts.”

You can hear her ruminate on topics like family, stress and anxiety and love when she carries out at the Emerge Effect + Music Conference in November.

“I love Vegas,” Ward states fondly, thinking back about the last time she checked out. “We’re more than thrilled [to return], due to the fact that it’s a super-legit show. It’s going to be a journal entry kind of night.”

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