Leading Nevada court turns down appeal of guy who fatally shot child

Monday, Dec. 4, 2017|6 p.m.

Carson City–.

The Nevada Supreme Court Monday declined the appeal of Jerry Pough Sr. who was sentenced to life with parole for the 2009 fatal shooting of his child in an evident argument in a cars and truck in Las Vegas.

The court declined Pough’s claim that the district court was wrong in permitting him to represent himself at trial regardless of the reality he was mentally ill.

He preserved he was detected with schizophrenia when he made his choice to go it alone at trial. He had actually been evaluated mentally ill previously however was later found proficient to represent himself.

In its choice, the court stated, “Nothing in the record recommends that Pough’s mental disorder kept him from understanding the dangers of self-representation or otherwise making an understanding, voluntary and smart choice.”

The trial took place in 2014 after a delay over concerns about his mental illness and the congested court calendar in Las Vegas.

Pough, now 61 years old, was in the traveler seat of a car when he shot his child Jerry Jr., the motorist, in the head over an evident argument over the direction of the automobile.

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