Left for dead, gunshot victim wanders desert near Boulder City


Police said a man was shot in a desert location near Stone City and left for dead late Tuesday night.

Las Vegas City authorities reacted to Armorock, a business near U.S. 95 and Spring Canyon Road, at about 5:40 a.m Wednesday.

A 30-year-old guy claimed he was shot after he was driven to the desert by 3 males, cops said. The group supposedly ordered the victim to obtain out of the automobile prior to the shots rang. The group then left the victim.

The victim, who was injured however alert, roamed around the desert before reaching an employee at Armorock prior to 6 a.m. for medical assistance, according to City.

Emergency situation workers reacted and transferred the victim to a healthcare facility. His condition was not right away revealed.

“A lot of crazy things have actually been taking place in Boulder City” Courtney Scott of Stone City stated.

He reached an Armorock staff member who helped him. Nobody at Armorock, the concrete company wanted to speak about exactly what happened, but in Boulder City, people had a lot to state.

“It sounds a little far-fetched,” Timothy Connors, a tourist visiting from Seattle said. “There is a lot of moving components.”

“I believe he was on drugs or something,” Lindsey Dover, a traveler going to from Tennessee stated.

“When I heard about that I got truly terrified,” Scott said.

Police said the 33-year-old victim was taken directly to the hospital, from there he retold the story and said he was owned to the desert around 11 p.m. which 3 males remained in the car, someone he knew and two others.

“The 2nd time in a year finding out about a shooting out here,” Nicholas Bonsang, who works near where the man was discovered stated. “I imply it’s honestly very surprising due to the fact that this is such a family-oriented town, high school kids head out to the dry lake bed all the time.”

“You would believe it would be a motion picture,” Scott stated. “Who knows now a days? Anything is possible and individuals now a days will go after you, no matter who you are or what you are.”

For others, the story of how the male got to the desert, isn’t really accumulating.

“In Stone City … to find out about that out here it’s very unexpected,” Bonsang said. “I mean the person had to be drunk or something like that because you do not ever hear anything like that out here.”

“At the end of the day … I hope this person has a family to support him and he’s alright,” Scott stated.

Metro authorities stated the guy was carried to the health center, and his condition is unknown.

The event is under examination.

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