Legal representatives: Ronaldo accuser struggles with post-traumatic tension after rape in Las Vegas


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=”” alt=” Image “/ > John Locher/ AP Lawyer Leslie Stovall, right, speaks during a news conference about rape accusations against soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, in Las Vegas. Stovall represents Kathryn Mayorga, of Nevada, who is declaring Ronaldo raped her in Las Vegas in 2009.

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After partying at a Las Vegas resort bar in 2009, the revelers moved to the soccer star’s penthouse suite where numerous of them stacked into an outside jacuzzi ignoring the valley, according to a claim just recently submitted in Clark County District Court.

The documents highlight what apparently took place next that June 13 evening.

Doing not have correct jacuzzi attire, Kathryn Mayorga, then 24, decreased the welcome. But Cristiano Ronaldo led her to his room at the Palms where there were clothing she might utilize.

While she was altering in the bathroom into shorts and a Tee shirts he ‘d provided, Ronaldo went into, exposed himself and requested a sexual act. Mayorga told him she wished to leave.

As she made her escape, Ronaldo pulled her back inside, tossed her on a bed and raped her while she yelled “no, no, no.”

When the declared sexual attack concluded, Ronaldo said sorry, keeping in mind “he was typically a gentleman,” according to the suit.

Ronaldo, among the world’s most well-known athletes, on Wednesday rejected the allegations.

” Rape is an abominable crime that goes against whatever that I am and think in,” he composed on Twitter, in his native Portuguese and after that English. “Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media phenomenon produced by individuals seeking to promote themselves at my expenditure.

” My clear mindful will thereby permit me to await with serenity the results of any and all examinations,” kept in mind Ronaldo, who ‘d formerly called the allegations “phony news.”

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For Mayorga, her interaction with Ronaldo has actually left remaining ramifications, including “major anxiety,” ideas of suicide, and alcoholic abuse, according to the lawsuit filed by the Stovall & & Associates law group in Las Vegas.

A qualified psychologist diagnosed Mayorga with post-traumatic stress disorder that can be connected back to the supposed attack, attorney Larissa Drohobyczer stated.

The case, fueled by revelations from a 2010 nondisclosure contract and a settlement reached between Mayorga and Ronaldo’s “fixers” when the declared victim was supposedly not mentally capable of negotiating, has actually gathered international attention, obvious by the different media outlets who went to a press conference where Drohobyczer and lawyer Leslie Stovall on Wednesday outlined the suit.

Mayorga suffered a number of months of extreme emotional tension and browbeating by Ronaldo’s representatives to press Mayorga into taking a monetary settlement to keep peaceful, her legal representatives said.

Drohobyczer acknowledged that Mayorga accepted the cash nine years back because she never ever wanted her name revealed.

Drohobyczer stated previously that Mayorga, now 34, filed the claim now because she became anxious that her name would become public after a 2017 media report obviously referred to the incident at the resort.

Mayorga, a Las Vegas homeowner, decided to leave the nation to a concealed location to weather what might come, her lawyers said, while Ronaldo is in Italy, where he is among the top soccer players.

Lawyer David Chesnoff in Las Vegas, who was worked with Wednesday by Ronaldo, provided a statement revealing “complete faith in the justice system.”

Chesnoff stated City investigated Mayorga’s sexual attack claim in 2009 and did not recommend the filing of criminal charges.

Meanwhile, City has reopened an investigation into the alleged occurrence, and its detectives have two times interviewed Mayorga, Stovall said, noting Ronaldo might likewise face criminal charges.

Ronaldo has been summoned to respond to the suit, submitted on Sept. 27. A service has been contracted to serve him, and when he is, he will have 20 days to respond, Drohobyczer stated.

Mayorga’s legal team is checking out the possibility of publicly releasing documents, to include medical and authorities reports, early next week, Drohobyczer said. An attorney representing Ronaldo, 33, contacted Mayorga’s group on Wednesday, Stovall stated.

Mayorga reported the assault to Metro Police the day it took place and was interviewed by an investigator that September in 2009, according to her legal representatives. She underwent a rape evaluation at University Medical Center.

” She pertained to us and we had worry about what took place in 2009 … with the police investigation and the circumstances around the settlement and how the settlements were performed,” Drohobyczer informed the Associated Press. “We don’t believe she had the capacity to get in a contract at that time due to her emotional state.”

It wasn’t clear if Metro investigators even more penetrated the allegations, however authorities spokesperson Officer Aden OcampoGomez informed the Associated Press that Mayorga had actually refused to identify the perpetrator of her alleged attack or where it ‘d happened, just saying he was a “European soccer player.” Stovall on Wednesday disputed that statement.

Emboldened by the #MeToo motion and out of issue over the circumstances of the settlement and how the investigation was handled, Mayorga came forward with the accusations, her attorneys stated.

Relating to an incorrect understanding that Mayorga might have consented to sex and just wants cash, Stovall said, retributions would not return to her what she lost that night. “Unfortunately we’re unable to do that, and we believe that a person who is a defendant has a right to come in and show that they didn’t.”

” She would want to not have been the person that this occurred to on June 13, 2009,” Stovall said.

The suit looks for unspecified damages of a minimum of $200,000. It makes 11 accusations against Ronaldo or those working for him, including conspiracy, disparagement, abusing a vulnerable individual, battery, infliction of emotional distress, browbeating and scams, racketeering and conspiracy, breach of contract, abuse of procedure and carelessness for enabling details of the personal settlement to end up being public.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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