Let’s deal with immigration

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018|2 a.m.

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In America, the vast bulk people are born of immigrants. Their dreams and toils developed this country.

President Donald Trump has actually done a splendid task with our economy. Our nation is roaring back to life, with a blowing up economy, companies returning and pending improvements to our facilities. We are quickly moving away from an unemployment issue to a labor scarcity. To reconstruct our country, we are going to need all the aid we can get, and Trump requires more popular assistance.

It’s time to bury the psychological rage and utilize sound judgment. Congress has to enact legislation to offer conditional green card status to all undocumented immigrants living within our borders. All should get identification, break no laws, participate in no give-away programs, and, most significantly, not vote in our elections. Offense of any of these terms will result in instant deportation. Five years from date of issuance of this ID, they will be eligible to request citizenship. Congress must secure our borders and position a moratorium on all migration up until they can agree on practical immigration policy.

We have actually devolved into a partisan headache– 2 schools of thought secured a vicious power battle, both contending for the minds and hearts of the American citizen. Exists no compromise? Let us unify under one flag and begin the tough job of rebuilding America.

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