Male imprisoned 6 years takes offer for release today

A male jailed for more than six years without a conviction accepted a deal Monday that would have him immediately freed.

Minutes before selecting a jury for Warren McClinton’s 2nd trial on numerous sexual assault charges, prosecutors stated they would enable him to plead guilty to one count of second-degree kidnapping. They would agree to a maximum of 30 months of probation, and he would otherwise walk the streets a free male.

Just recently, district attorneys had actually extended an offer for McClinton, 48, to plead guilty to attempted sexual assault, however that implied he would need to sign up as a sex offender and be kept an eye on for the rest of his life. He declined.

In June, McClinton was acquitted of one count of sexual attack. Jurors deadlocked on several other charges.

In 2009 a judge tossed out an indictment on several counts, including sexual assault, due to the fact that district attorneys failed to introduce particular evidence to a grand jury.

What they didn’t reveal: DNA from two other men was discovered on the victim’s bedsheets in her North Las Vegas home, where the criminal activity was alleged to have actually occurred.

The 14-year-old lady was the only individual who at first affirmed prior to the grand jury. When district attorneys went to the exact same grand jury a second time, they called the victim, her mother and a detective to affirm. McClinton likewise took the stand.

The panel, which also heard the DNA proof, mulled over for 30 minutes and refused to prosecute him.

But prosecutors rapidly presented new charges to a judge, who ruled there sufficed proof for a trial.

Attorneys had anticipated the second trial to last two weeks.

In the offer accepted Monday, district attorneys agreed to drop 3 counts of sexual assault with a small younger than 16, 3 counts of open or gross lewdness, and one count of battery with intent to commit sexual attack in connection with allegations dating to August 2008.

This is an establishing story. Check back for updates.

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