Malnourished 10-year-old lady beaten, dragged by automobile in New york city

ALBION, N.Y. (AP)– A 10-year-old lady who was beaten repeatedly, required to keep up heavy packs and dragged behind an automobile left her tormentors as they slept to ask a neighbor for help, authorities in central New york city said Friday.

Four grownups were charged after the bruised and malnourished woman got away on Wednesday from her house in rural Oswego County, north of Syracuse. Her treatment, that included poundings with a tightly rolled paper wrapped with electrical tape, had actually obviously been becoming worse since April, Oswego County Undersheriff Gene Sullivan said.

“She simply could not take it anymore,” he said.

The woman was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Sullivan stated the lady was forced to work outside cleaning brush without access to water or a restroom. She was served a single meal a day, doused in hot sauce.

In one occurrence, she was packed with a backpack on each shoulder, one on her back and an additional weight on her front and made to work on a dirt road. She was followed in a vehicle, which would strike her when she went too gradually.

“When she physically couldn’t continue, they tied a rope around her waist, connected that same rope to the bumper of the vehicle and started to pull her along,” Sullivan stated. “When she would drop, they would continue to own and she ‘d wind up getting dragged.”

Sullivan said the girl had been singled out as a kid who needed discipline. The examination is continuing.

The girl’s 34-year-old mother was charged with threatening the well-being of a kid.

Three grownups at the home were charged with second-degree attack: Shawn Whaley, 23, Brandy Shaver, 18 and Gary Bubis, 37. Bubis had a relationship with the woman’s mother and his charge originates from a claims that he required a 3-year-old’s child hand into a warm water.

The three were remanded to jail.

It was not instantly clear if the defendants had lawyers.

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