Marijuana is legal in Nevada, but not at Electric Daisy Carnival


L.E. Baskow Fans dance to the music of Alesso at the kineticFIELD during the opening night of the Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 at the Las Vegas Speedway on Friday, June 17, 2016. By

Pack your patience and leave your weed behind for this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

Illegal drugs and blistering temperatures blend badly, regional authorities alerted in advance of the celebration. Representatives from City Authorities, Nevada Highway Patrol and organizing group Insomniac Occasions urged those participating in the three-day occasion at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to stay hydrated and hesitate prior to pill-popping in forecasted temperatures of 105 degrees.

“Be smart and drink a lot of water,” City Law enforcement officer Larry Hadfield said. “Celebration responsibly and keep away from the narcotics.”

The electronic-music event, which features a few of the world’s most well-known DJs consisting of Kygo, Afrojack, Tiesto and Major Lazer, might have record nighttime crowds of 140,000, inning accordance with occasion organizers. EDC, that made its Southern Nevada launching six years ago, begins Friday evening and ends early Monday morning.

Authorities last year made a record 101 felony arrests at the occasion, all but 8 of which were narcotics-related. That’s up from 89 arrests in 2015, 94 arrests in 2014 and 55 arrests in 2013, nearly all felonies for belongings of drugs or for DUI.

As lots of as 1,500 combined representatives from City, NHP, other police and EDC security will work at the speedway this weekend, Hadfield stated, consisting of about 400 uniformed and undercover Metro officers.

Cannon fodder Chelsea Stuenkel of NHP said 273 staffers will be deployed in and around celebration premises. The department is bringing officers from as far as Primm, Indian Springs, Mesquite and Pahrump to staff EDC, Stuenkel stated.

“Above all, we want individuals to have a designated chauffeur and not to own impaired,” Stuenkel stated.

As normal, police are likewise providing amnesty boxes for festivalgoers to deposit illegal drugs at EDC entrance gates prior to going into the speedway. Hadfield called packages “the last opportunity” for attendees to discard drugs anonymously with no danger of retribution.

Those discovered with illegal drugs inside the speedway might be jailed, he stated. That chooses attendees with marijuana too, which was legislated in Nevada for leisure use last November, however not outside of an individual home.

“Just leave that behind and enjoy your time there,” Hadfield said.

Hadfield added that straying alone or with complete strangers presents a security threat for festivalgoers who get lost or become ill.

6 EDC participants have actually passed away because 2011. Last year, Temecula, Calif., resident Kenani Kaimuloa, 20, collapsed while awaiting a bus after Day 3 of the celebration, and later on passed away of MDMA and cocaine intoxication, the Clark County Coroner’s Workplace stated.

In 2015, San Francisco citizen Nicholas Tom, 24, died of an MDMA overdose on Day 2 of the festival. In 2014, an overdose of Euphoria added to the deaths of Montgomery Tsang, 24, of San Leandro, Calif. and Anthony Anaya, 25, of Everett, Wash.

. Medical calls far surpass arrests and death. To accommodate triple-digit medical calls each year, festival organizers are providing an on-site hospital with beds and treatment for festivalgoers who become ill. While surgery is not readily available, ill and hurt partygoers can get care from an integrated 80 medical teams covering “most medical-related issues” inside the speedway. Those who sustain more major injuries are taken to regional medical facilities such as University Medical Center, Hadfield said.

The City spokesman said cops hardly ever make arrests related to violent crimes at the festival, as the EDC crowd is normally “laid back and friendly.”

“This isn’t really a violent crowd,” Hadfield said. “They much like to party, enjoy themselves and enjoy.”

Stuenkel stated chauffeurs near the speedway can anticipate traffic delays all weekend.

Traffic on Interstate 15 is expected to be crowded in both directions as far south as Cheyenne Opportunity to the speedway and on Las Vegas Boulevard North from Cheyenne Roadway, starting Friday afternoon and ending Monday morning.

With ongoing building on the shoulder of Interstate 15 heading northbound from Craig Roadway to the speedway, Stuenkel motivated motorists to utilize Las Vegas Boulevard North for a much faster commute to the speedway.

“We’ve seen more of a backup on the 15 and not as lots of people using the Las Vegas Boulevard route,” Stuenkel stated. “However you’re visiting delays with both since you’re trying to get a lot of people into one area.”

Stuenkel urged chauffeurs to utilize caution when owning near the speedway and, if possible, to prevent it entirely.

An agent from Los Angeles-based Insomniac, which owns and operates EDC, was not provided for remark. A celebration public relations representative stated security along with local authorities will be monitoring a one-mile border around the speedway for the second successive year. The security measure was included last year in the wake of the mass shooting at Orlando nightclub Pulse, which left 49 people dead and another 53 injured.

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