Men attack immigrant, say '' Trump was right '.

Police said Steve Leader, 30, and Scott Leader, 38, said they attacked the man because he was homeless, Hispanic and an illegal immigrant. (Source: WHDH/Boston Police Department/CNN)Cops said Steve Leader, 30, and Scott Leader, 38, stated they attacked the man since he was homeless, Hispanic and a prohibited immigrant. (Source: WHDH/Boston Cops Department/CNN).

BOSTON (WHDH/CNN) – Two males are accused of beating a homeless guy with a metal pole and urinating on him, since they thought he was Hispanic and an unlawful immigrant.

Cops identified the 2 men as Scott Leader, 38, and his brother Steve Leader, 30.

Cops stated the men said “Donald Trump corrected” and “all these illegals need to be deported,” as they assaulted the man.

Police said the brothers were on their way home from a Red Sox video game when they came upon the victim sleeping near a train station.

Witnesses informed police the men beat the victim with a metal pole repeatedly and walked away chuckling.

Cops stated the older sibling later on informed them they attacked the guy since he was homeless, Hispanic and an unlawful immigrant.

The victim has legal documents.

Reporters asked Republican frontrunner Trump about the occurrence prior to a city center event in Derry, NH.

“I haven’t heard about that. I think that would be a shame, however I haven’t become aware of that. I will say individuals that are following me are really passionate. They enjoy this country, they desire this nation to be fantastic once more,” Trump said.

The whipping comes after Trump’s dissentious migration propositions have made worldwide headings in his White House campaign.

Trump has called for a wall to be developed along the united state border with Mexico.

He’s also required withdrawing citizenship of infants born in the U.S. to undocumented moms and dads, and deporting undocumented immigrants.

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